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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The title amazes me everytime I think of it. It's addictive in a grape-fruit way. If these two sentences haven't given you any idea let me tell you, my vacations went absolutely crap.Everything happened, ofcourse, right from outstation guests, pooch's accident to laptop suicide,ditching blah blah. Hopeless.

Thought,might just fill in stuff here as the date today is gorgeous.Write it down on a paper,not that I did it to kill boredom but while filling the driving school's form I noticed. In about a week's time my schedule will be back to college-food-auto haggling and add to it the festival ( though I am hopeful I won't have a role to play there,but it sounds flowery so why not add it to flower power) and the little part I carry with the magazine. My driving lessons begin tomorrow unless some new issue turns up,which almost did today. The driving school needs to see the learners license which needs the residential proof.Now they don't accept college ID cards and other thingumajibs,but passport,phone bill,water bill and pass book. Since I do NOT have passport which is another story in it's own, we got to have the pass book and that too from a nationalise bank. Fair enough, expect that I have my account elsewhere.

Cutting the long story short, I cannot start with "practical" lessons until I get that spare parchment and you need to pass an exam apart from providing them with enough proof that you're a human being and not a babbling unfed baboon who is impersonating for the driving license. According to some of the "reliable sources" who have given exams *names withheld* you can't cheat but you can go through channels and then even if you fail the exam,you get your license so hm, I am giving the test.

So if there is one thing I need to avoid at this time it's the usage of telephone.Christ, I am going retard with it. Seriously, I guess it's philosophy that is doing all the harm. Man every single time I use it,something happens. The other "night" I had to call up Dee and ended up calling woman wednesday, also talking to her which was so retard because I kept asking whether she has sour throat..and ended up telling "stuff" to her. Also that lame conversation I had with a college friend,thinking it was Goldhawk for a really long time and asking something extremely stupid with the line "Yes but who are you exactly?" about three times in the middle of the conversation I carried on. Then one just today,when I thought it was a friends sister but turned out someone else again,and I realised it much later. Then the usual cases of how I have dialed someone else's number when I needed to talk to a different person. They should ban me and the telephone. No I need to learn how to carry a normal conversation. So next time you know if I mess up,please clean it.

It's pretty late now,considering the lesson is early morning but the Libertango's cover is beautiful and I just don't want to retire to bed. Sinner agrees with me and believes that,"who gives a shit ;you have sax appeal,..because you're a jazz person"
It was meant to be a joke on something un-related,monosodium glutamate to be precise. But words do have deep ringing impacts.

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