Tuesday, October 20, 2009

~ I think better when I sit in loo. My own to be particular.

~ I prefer normal days,to festivities and other thingumajibs.

~ I am living in past,breathing on memories over the month.

~ I am intrigued by the smell of cologne and smoke out of cigarette filter together.

~ My average caffeine intake rises from 3 to about 7 on days when I am sick, stressed and under deadlines. Currently I am under all three.

~ I still don't know whether I love or hate my school.

~ I do not like my college.Classmates do not help either.

~ Two days into work as Executive Editor and I feel the need of a vacation.

~ The last trip I made outside Delhi was three years back.

~ Last movie I saw in a theatre was an year ago.

~ I saw maximum flicks in my life during my board examinations last year.

~ Board examinations were not last year, but this year.

~ I like Britney Spears ,blues and swing.

~ I don't want people who read my blog to read it because for those whom I write ,have never read me.

~ I love smiley erasers, Kasturba Gandhi Marg and Hauz Khas.

~ I am not anticipating the next two months of my life.

~ I want to get back to a comfortable schedule which includes bass playing, music theory and my love for philosophy.

~ Nyaya Vaisesika and Sankhya are two schools that I dislike at this time.

~ I will never understand logic.

~ I love toilet paper rolls and hate fingers after cutting nails.

~ I have given up hopes of getting decent score for all 3 years.

~ I am trying really hard to avoid crying while updating the blog.

~ One semester down, I have had enough of philosophy for a lifetime.

~ To make myself self pity some more, I believe teachers at my dream college would've been better than my college where they have the best teachers from the university.

~ I don't know why am I not playing bass these days.

~ I am eating and sleeping the day when I am not thinking.

~ I have put on weight.

~ The last book I read was about a month back.

~ Loo leisure time has taken over by the time I am spending in Auto's.

~ I bought a book today that I wanted for a very long time. Finished reading it within an hour, very disappointing.

~ Magazine work has brought me from my philosophical state of mind to retard school girl state.

~ I have always believed that purple existed as a tall,good looking guy with adrenaline rush who lusted after pink,the whore; who was madly in love with Blue. However,the worthless creature he was, he deprived himself of such a heroine and has settled with green now,who is much elder to him in age.

I miss life.

And friends

who are long gone, happy and have moved on.

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  1. ABE WTF!!! : "I do not like my college.Classmates do not help either." u jut wait bacche..

    oh n if im not mistaken we hav logic for only one year .. unless u choose to pursue that's gonna happen :P

  2. oh ... and hav u not read a book for a month wen u finishd reading that disappointing book in one hour??

  3. Yeah you're right about logic, but if (we-typos) I flunk it this year; you know the consequences..don't you?
    The last book before the disappointing book I mean. And this point is proven wrong unless you count a graphic novel I read while waiting for Gum-Ball at BCL (which was, very lame)

  4. Your college mates have no Idea about this, do they?
    And take in the shine, ignore the heat,

  5. Suhasini my batchmate and a rather close friend. She knows this..but I guess this is where hypocrisy comes in.
    I need to update you.
    This post has changed quite a lot.


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