What is is and cannot not be

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The last time I wrote,I had some assignments,a documentary and some more work to be finished.However,assignments are over(barring the qualifying paper,which I am not giving half a flying fuck considering how well the classes are going).I have missed far too many classes and god knows what all.Just been living on deadlines.The documentary I am working on has to be completed by tonight (erm) and submitted by tomorrow morning.The editing software is brain-fucking and installation is way too complicated,which sincerely makes me believe that working on this software will be even confusing that categorical propositions.That reminds me the horrendous test,Christ; I don't know whether one single answer I wrote made any sense.Whatever,assignments come and assignments go.The college has a lot to offer in the coming weeks,not only answer sheets but some fests here and there.

The philosophy batch is highly charged up,with most of them giving bytes for documentary,it was my fault-entirely to rely on a digital camera than a handycam today,which apparently I thought would be bulky to carry.I have my own doubts whether it will be completed by tonight.This reminds me,I have logic homework,Lord,if I can ever escape numbers.Passing logic and getting the hang of one argument is crazy.What makes the class interesting is the comparison our teacher puts,between Kant's philosophy (self confessed fan of his philosophy) and the collective class's psychology,which according to her is in outer space;hence defies his arguments.She was rather amused when she declared this.

Highlights of the day,the auto driver.The dude was a retard,seriously.He went off road about 3 times and jokes apart,he was rather deaf.He took me from the most weirdest and traffic infested route,which eventually got me late for class.I am missing the whole point of the story.He didn't take me to my college.He took me to this other girl's college which is 10 minutes away from my college inspite of me telling him about six times that it's not my destination.Got off very sour mood,and missed most of english lecture.Oh and yeah he kept blaming me that I told him the other college and I made up my college's name on the way.Bloody jerk,almost killed me today.Oh yes,he kept on fighting with me,and other drivers on the road.

Seems like the software is getting on my nerves,the documentary is unfinished and really testing my patience.I better concentrate on the likes of Aristotle and Kant,oh no I can't even do that.That thing they did,the hopeless case we are;just expected to be a copy-cat.This gets me to the final question,if monkeys or the same generic species copy(mimic) human beings,why do we refer "copycats"? Answers according to the title on this would be appreciated,about the etymology.

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