Friday, September 18, 2009

There's a story brewing inside me.All coming along.

The guy's a nymphomaniac trapped in a body of girl(loves Pink Floyd,guys and ugly dresses) who is in love (or rather lust) with a girl who has charming face and beautiful hair(on the head,bloody pervert),trapped in a physical body of a guy loves The Beatles,girls who can't get over him and numbers to save his life);with genitals,we assume.

The dreamer, puppy dog with amazing skin and hair is just drawing towards the female looking male,which maketh a gay or lesbian relationship for them.

The girl is hated by them all (the physical girl,mental guy).Guy,obviously,is the one who needs your love and care.Though the puppy dog has far much more attitude than any one can take,but it's all worth his brains and appearance.

Guess who's smitten?

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  1. The guy is not a guy and a guy is not a girl.
    The two guys think they are guys but a guy thinks the guy is a girl and the guy thinks the not-a-girl guy is a guy.
    The guys are oblivious to the real girl who thinks like a guy and likes the girl-like guys… man, I hope this one didn’t brew inside you for long.. smitten woman.

    Bwahahaha :P


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