Friday, September 11, 2009

The last post as a minor-the tag I have lived my life with (yes so far,Panda;Kiddo;and a lot more).I may turn 18 in a few hours but mentally, as you may decipher dear reader and jobless buddy (who's so bored that actually comes here),I maybe o.o8 or no where close to be taking "decisions" but heck yes,I loose the tag right in say an hour and 54 minutes time.Trust me,it's not a good feeling,specially when you know you are still shitting in your pants and consider singing cartoon titles and believe in Santa Clause and Tooth Fairy (damn! she owes me for last two).

Hm,enough rubbish. I gotta start looking old enough;and act according to my age.

Damn,figures scare me.Boohoo

Ps- Don't get annoyed by such tweet like posts.It's a hard concept for a person who is mesmerized by them.Just the stomach rumbling.Pass the medicines.

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