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Friday, August 28, 2009

Talk about virtual insanity or otherwise.The not-required blog break (blame it on "lectures") that I was forced to take had it's effect on me.Causal relationship,the more I talk to my college-mates,it gives me an urge to move out.The categories have branched,philosophically speaking they have moved from empirical stage to transcendental stage,not that I am glad.Speaking of which,it's not as chilled out as it sounds;leave at 8 am; come back by 6 pm,on a good day I am talking.Basically this is a post that you can well avoid,read archives or else bang your head against the wall because trust me,the result at the end will be much better in the aforementioned.

There's everyting that I find a "fault" in,ha.Keep cursing me and I give shit to it.If you can't take my analysing you deserve to die.Not just that,pretty much logic to blame.I still do not get the hang of the subject and to add to my sweet life,we're offered to give an improvement assignment (that is a fancy name for a much sweeter test) and about 5 such "assignments" in this week.Course otherwise seems decent apart from the fact that it needs some time to come to terms with.However I have been really avoiding the scene for a while and now that assignments are pretty much on for a week I NEED to pull myself back.Essentially from this weekend on till the end of this week I am involved with my tests and schedule's jam packed.Kim is back in town till second week of september and will probably be taking a much longer and much deserving trip to Korea,other one is leaving for Europe a day before my birthday.So yeah..

Apparently Music Society in college are still "thinking" whether they need the instrumentalist to play with them.So yes who ever thought that my school sucked because they didn't appreciate my talent,you can damn well see my college.The feeling is more sinking when I say "My college".No matter how juvenile it may sound,I loathe the feeling and I am still wondering what made me leave my profession for selfish pursuit,not complaining..generally .Bass playing in general has become irregular and I am ashamed in saying it's still crass.It's this feel you get,you know;you can be a decent bassist ever and then you go for a lesson;when you look at your teacher you just realise how fucked up is your playing and where you stand.It comes even when you begin to think that you know something about the instrument.It's been ages when I had a bass lesson imparting music theory.Things are being chalked out for independent porject.Whatever man,things come and go.

Since the coming week and the week after that involves a lot of mugging,and studying essentially, I am a little happy as interaction with peers will be slightly less as compared to present. Don't know whether it's me really or the world conspiring against me.It's a perpetual state,don't know what's wrong.I derive emotional satisfaction from my meals in college and I can totally blame them up.I am eating like pigs and really put on some weight.Got bad sun tan and skin's showing allergy and the rashes come up.Ugly scars huh and that comes with piss weather.It pours every single time as I want to step out.Scars in mind and heart,painful.

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  1. Hey,
    You have Philosophy right? How can you have 'lectures' on philosoophy, it's supposed to be taught by argument!

    But yeah, I can understand the part about boring lectures, strenuous assignments. AND I have HISTORY, so I have to read a gazillion books for just one assignmnt.

    But nice post!

  2. Hello,

    Yeah I am an undergrad philosophy student and no we don't really have arguments,because we're doing this for a selfish purpose (academics) rather than food for thought.Also you can't really expect arguments at a stage when speculations are banned inside the classroom.
    It's not as much as assignments are just the oppression of creative freedom in the institution.

    I know what you mean,History and the whole 10000 words to go about!



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