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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The words will not appear,not even if I stare at this screen till my eyes give up and stand against the abuse they are to face everyday.The rain has taken it's pace up now,dark gloom since morning.Now now,before you think I am going to launch into "how I miss rain and all the mindless things I did in this weather in my childhood",please, keep your minds at rest.I can compose one full blown piece without any caffeine influence (puns intended) but I shan't.The time is passing by and with every second that crosses eye,it gets on my head..Indian Philosophy..assignment on is what you ae suppose to do.Every weekend that has passed,I've been either procrastinating as to how they're killing our weekends delibrately or I am studying in order to get passing marks.

Insight is no matter what course you're in,you're expected to be regular with everything and suppose to devote time and energy.Brings me to one point,how does happiness interfere with that?Conclusion to this-I am not really "enjoying" Logic as my syllabus,it's becoming mathematics (and to those of you who do not agree,you can go and study some logic than wasting time here).No offences but this subject involves a lot of mathematical ability which I am devoid of and hence it is not my forte to master.Adding miseries can be tests every monday in some form.I won't be surprised if they keep a test for the concurrent subject at the weekend after logic assignment.Please bare with procrastination,it's not visible today.

A lot of time has passed and my whereabouts exactly unknown.I have played with college on stage,chosen as the bass player (in order of preference you can read) and passed some time doing both these things.Went for a musical last week and also the library.Musical was lively and choreography was smooth.Met old friends there,at the library.Have to get this book to read(Christ senility,I don't remember the name),it's been really long since I've done that.Things were worse at the home,the rehersals killed my time,every inch and ounce.Folks are getting impossible with every day that passes by.Had two massive arguments with dad within night and day..Picked up some jazz so enjoying that and it killed my time at home,around the corner while juggling college.Also had a bass lesson,and the same stuff.Realized there's so much more to learn and yet,each single time I am closer to the fact I can make it to be a decent bass player.Picked up autumn leaves which sounded sober as compared to last time.Hoping to branch it successfully and tried my hand at goodbye pork pie hat on my own (which was disastrous apart from the first two notes).I suppose this is how you advance.What I like is the fact I am doing jazz,which is taxing but sweet result.Things were worse at the home,the rehersals killed my time,every inch and ounce.Folks are getting impossible with every day that passes by.Had two massive arguments with dad within night and day.Impact you wish.

Went out with people from college after the performance(which includes the worst ever mojito of my life,sugary syrup in green).As spontaneous as it could get,but nonetheless it was worth it,after all those rehersals for almost non audible bass.Playlist? Heal the world by Michael Jackson and Under the same Sun by The Scorpions .Very simple notes nothing fancy or over the top.Sound was tuned so low that I swear,I could barely hear myself up,but it definitely sounded nice with the group.Now I seriously need a drummer to jam with,the vacuum is unavoidable now.Monday on, schedule gets even jam packed for the department fest which was casually mentioned.Ofcourse it's something to look forward to.

As mentioned the test is lingering on my head and almost time for me to pick up a track on bass..Planning come as you are for the core team auditions.Hopefully the lead won't break this time.With the weekend gone,it's birthday call now,tomorrow being Arika's and day after woman wednesday's.Have to pick up something for both,which would mean an excuse to meet,anticipating that.It seems I have picked up cold again,passed on rather.Have to figure that out.No more pouring,so I am going to make best out of the mellow situation.Very de-ranged blogpost,slightly unstable,but it does it for today.

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  1. ah! The musical treachary,quite like it,you and your abstract old self,back to business.hope the pain is all worthwhile,and enjoy every bit of it!!

  2. "You cannot appreciate the sun if you haven't waited in the dark"
    Came across this line somewhere,truly picturesque in every sense of the word,thought it will be apt for the 'scene'

  3. You know the beauty of Sun is costing me arm and leg..and my sense and sensibility too...
    Listen to "champagne supernova" by oasis.It's really apt for the time.



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