The Lizard King

Sunday, August 23, 2009

You know you have no life when:-

*-You go for a birthday party at a place which is named after the self explanatory title (where the walls are covered with jazz/swing paintings).

*-The D.J. blasts hip-hop (read:without any hesitation).

*-Where guests are either under or overdressed.That includes people in chucks.

*-Where you are asked,"The D.J. is getting bored,why don't you dance?"

*-Where you dance on this..

...That explains,I am jobless.

Oh, and incase you haven't guessed,I made a complete fool outta myself.

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  1. no dance routine is complete till you swing to the tunes of apdi pode..dude grow down you're 18 act like one.
    and moreover,atleast the person invited to his/her party,atleast you got free food,that so does not makes you jobless,or a loser so just chill and show some gratitude to people who consider you to be important enough to be called at his/her special day.

  2. reIt's still few days to go for the 18 ya I am enjoying being naive and as far is growing down is concerned,yeah I did that.
    It's just about the hypocrisy the so called party place has.Inspite of being cramped up with bad sound system,people would still love to associate themselves with it.


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