Killing in the name of

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's almost time for assembly to get over.The keyboard sucks (I just typed heyboard) Just had 20 minutes of teaching and this particular system has banned youtube so can't really surf and check some smooth jazz.Urgh this heat is JUST kiling the living wits and my very involved friend is making emphasis on how I ought to put emphasis on "killing" than "just".This is what epistemology can do to you in this weather.Now ma'am Liverpool is explaining me the theory of man's love to his women and his particular affection towards Manchester United (NOT Man U,it's Chelsea) Now she is accusing me taking words out of her mouth ( Wait it doesn't make any sense )

I ought to take a break,not kit-kat but yes a time out will be much appreciated.

And amongst other things I am back with Bass,hoping for much awaited playing somewhere,sometime in the overtures of space (haha).

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