Stiff little fingers

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A week has passed since I started with college and to say with it,we've covered some serious amount in this time already (concurrent subjects included).As mentioned already logic is perfect example of mind-fuck and how I love to procrastinate.But since most of my classmates are from commerce background (whoever said philosophy is meant for arts people) they seem to have no problem whatsoever with the subject which is just about strangling yourself.Had the most depressingly long day in college with my horrid throat.I sorta have a clue who passed this on but then I wouldn't speculate about my throat.As for rest of the day,there's no word to describe but horrid.This weather,the logic class and my throat,perfect killjoy.What I had presumed that the class gets over by 2 was apparently wrong,it got over by 3-3:30 so couldn't come back in the car and usual auto struggle.What also was annoying was how I saw a tenner flying in cafe and later realised it fell from my wallet.So yeah right proceeding..

DU teacher's association apparently has a strike today,but our college begs to differ.Inspite of the strike we're proceeding with special one hour assembly today.That means it really depends on each teacher and thankfully our philosophy department was given complete off.Outstation students bunked and went home for extended weekend starting from yesterday.Even though there's nothing concrete happening I still have to go to attend NSS assembly and incase you plan to miss you'll be pushed to sports or NCC.Hmm haven't seen HP so far and plans look very grey even for today-courtesy special assembly and NSS.

Had to go to music store day before to get the amplifier fixed.Even though it's well within the guarantee period they've still given an estimate of rs 800 which is enough to keep me alive for more than a week.Also went to BCL same day and picked up a Tom Holt.Sadly enough met a friend and her mutual friends.The guy has already picked up the omnibus that I had made my mind to renew,so well even that opportunity was gone.My fingers are on non-cooperative movement it seems.They swell up like balloon and man it hurts,even to move it a bit.I am in serious mood for escapism to anywhere.Everything is disturbing and my mood swings are heavy.I guess I'll burn myself a cup of tea as it's about time to go and get a move and capture the day.

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