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Saturday, July 25, 2009

With the saturday night we come to the end of the solitary week at college (typos,did school and had to retype again). Made some friends,some enemies;lost wallet filled with cash and library card,found it (thanks to those chaps at city cafe) and yeah basically after the hectic long 7 hour day ritual college still doesn't appeal to me,neiher did school but yeah there are no comparisons between the two.Have this regular faded cliched smile and answer to back up everytime someone puts up dropping journalism for philosophy question or how is college pacing. Just about nothing and nowhere so far.These fine people are serious and when I say that I mean dead serious about academics and otherwise.Care to contradict? Lo and behold,we have a logic test coming up on 3 august,option being it can either be before rakhi or after rakhi,since it's before rakhi,there is no test after rakhi.Haha some logic concepts being revised and enough rubbish here. For some reason my finger's acting retard and getting them checked *ahem* is high on priority.

Logic test is almost a week away so might just go around a little and might just catch harry potter afterall the reviews I've been hearing from people who never were into this,yet have taken the effort to pay and go through the movie.Seriously isn't this injustice? Talking about injustice we've already discovered people who've gotten through paid seats/approaches et al in the college and the fact that level is yet supremely high there surprises me.

Highlights of the week were two stories,out of which former is about losing and recovering wallet and the latter is well a unique anecdote.Talking about wallet episode,we left the place after lunch at around 1:50 pm and around 2ish outside college I got a call from the owner of city cafe that he found my wallet and I could collect it.Since it had my BCL card and some hard cash (and to pay the rick guy) so we took a risk of coming at 2:10 class a little late as it was a subsi.The annoyingly fast rick guy turned pathetically slow way back and almost banged into a truck.Hmm ran as fast we could to the class to find that the teacher hadn't come so far.Kept waiting till about 2:30 when sanskrit kids landed up claiming it to be their english class.It looked like it was a combined class,well whatever kept waiting till a new teacher came inside,and she didn't acknowledge our batch's presence.After the official kick out of the room,the philosophy departement waited in the corridor and since everyone had copied time-table from one another(with the source being unknown) no one really knew where was the class happening.After confirmation from much reliable sources,apparently we didn't have the class at all,so people dispersed accordingly,and most of them were on bunk for hindi class towards 3 pm.

The latter however is funny,and the cruel joke is on me.The day I took a rick till my house ,where they are banned to enter and also it takes about 40 minutes and some 1000 our father in heaven pleas which were instilled by school as a kid.So I was suppose to call mum and inform that I've reached as it's highly unsafe(and I do not recommend anyone) to take such trips ever for "experience","fun".Anyways,so as I soon as I reached home I called up mum and I assumed she was driving,so while I was entering I heard the landline buzzing.I picked up,yelled "hello" a couple of times till I banged it and completely gave myself to fresh lime I prepared for myself.Around 20 minutes later I got a call from my sibling asking whether I was back home.Once these people were back,they got into questioning,why didn't you call etc and I was mad,as I kept refering back to call history and all.So mum's cell didn't show any call history of my call or my number at all,which got me supremely pissed at the scenario.Coming back to my phone,after checking it I realised that it was the other landline number saved with the same contact name for mum,I had called.Very beautifully I unlocked the door and picked up that landline,kept yelling into receiver and assumed the network was congested.So yeah you can see philosophy working on me.Anyways I've had it enough for this week.Enough to keep you entertained on cost of my sanity.

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  1. hey dat ws cool! ^_^ ...i really lykd it...uv got a nice easy flowing manner which makes it very easy to continue reading..n umm "enemies" ??? O_o really??? who??? :D ... bt ovr all..very nice...nw uv got a regular reader .. :D


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