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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have sincerely come to believe the fact that each one of us have got college's according to the personality of the person and the reputation of the college.Hm,so that infers to one fact,the human resource drifting towards the private university is wasted,pretty much as the youth on the young.Enough rhetorics,coming to the point,college begins today-with the orientation ofcourse. Frills or no,the first formal day is tomorrow and I am still in a state of delusion about the whole system,how college functions on routine. Blame me and I shall proudly kick your ass for that.

Self explanatory title must've helped imbecile's today but seriously 6 am in the morning and the person who's staying home since december practically has some difficulties to manage.Whatever,things go,time passes..The feeling of not knowing what tomorrow has,everything delusional has apparently become a lot more interesting since the weekend that has passed.All of us have this nauseating air while travelling by an aeroplane(Fuck you all,I love aeroplanes,it's a childhood fascination).You are in thick air,not knowing where and how but yet the destination is you're heading and you're expected to follow the ethics (how to sit,position,first class etc).

On domestic grounds,my bass has given up on itself,the thing is just not working and how much it hurts to say this,no one knows.I loathe mice,in general that's all I can blame till we reach the root cause.But I miss bass playing and distortions genuinely.

If you follow tabloids you'd know all the metro mishaps outside my soon to be college.The place seems to be interesting.Not the college I had on my list,not North but the best arts college presumably.So before half of you there expect me to have a sun shine day,don't. I am just a cynic,with a hint of pessimism in me.

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  1. LSR! I'm yet to meet an unattractive LSR girl. Good luck with class.

  2. If that's a compliment,I am flattered (:
    Thanks and classes begin from friday,another orientation tomorrow.
    They better be nice!

  3. Hello!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. But a tiny but pertinent query, what;s your name and how did you manage to find my blog?

  4. Hello (:
    The pleasure is entirely mine and it's rather not surprising that you landed up with 4 rank in CATE.
    I was rank 352,will it be demanding if I ask you go search for the name?

    Will bump into you tomorrow hopefully (:


  5. Farzeen Kapadia!
    Which course did you choose? Lets try and meet up in the cafe tomorrow!

  6. OHMIGOD! I realised I checked the roll number not the rank!
    It's ANisha Saigal then right?

    Ha ha ha !

  7. Hahaha
    Would you believe it but Farzeen also happens to be in our college??
    I am in philosophy.Do you have a free 1 or 5 period tomorrow? We could catch up then.

    ps- You wouldn't remember perhaps but my friend bumped into you literally after orientation was over!


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