Monday morning blues,day 2

Monday, July 20, 2009

The classes have finally begun,and I emphasise on finally as we were the only course who didn't start deep core on first day.Monday being allegedly the lightest day had just 4 classes and 1 tute out of which we had 1and3/4 class.Deciphering time table requires a lot of effort,so to end procratination around 4 of us decided to get it photocopied from Sin(someone has already torn the first year time-table from notice board so couldn't note it ourself). Monday morning blues and logic treat for an hour,brain fuck *haha* Logic happened to be full 1 class,no water break or anything. From what I know(and not speculate),logically speaking.

I can't do mathematics
Logic is mathematics
Therefore I can't do logic

Ofcourse logicians would find this invalid as they keep on repeating logic is not maths but whatever,at certain stage it metamorphosis into numbers and one answer theory which is essentially what I can't handle academically or otherwise.First english class and 1/4 of it was enough to put most of us to sleep,you could blame logic theory and the never ending classes or the fact that none of us possesed texts and yet the teacher started and ended on the same day.It ought to work somehow but seriously 55 minutes is no justice to whiney's who are used to 42 minutes of school period.

However after assembly(thankfully 20 minutes and nothing elaborate) had first main Indian philosophy class.Christ,by far the syllabus sounds exactly what I had hoped once what I wanted to pursue and the diacritical symbols were just about very engaging.However I have to practice on them so that by a week or so(the deadline's tomorrow) and incorporating them to answer certainly requires practice.

By 12 the entire philosophy class had left barring me and another friend so were just about sitting in cafe until the lunch time.After lunch it was the first ECA orientation apparently which um just didn't happen for us (only for choreo people).Sat for a while with other friends and then decided to head back around 2.As luck would have it I didn't have keys and there was no auto available.Had to come back on rickshaw all the way home.Hmm it was terrible,had to sing our father in heaven for continuos half an hour till I was back home.The result,journey of 8 minutes in car ( with a decent speed) covered in about 40 minutes with prayers all alone as my auto pool partner had class till 4.My bad hair day continues so I am planning to do something about it right now.Hopefully you won't find a RIP blog from a guest,the cause and effect of rickshaw or you might just,but do see to it that nirvana can be realised (not attained) only if you comment.

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