Day 1

Friday, July 17, 2009

Messed up starting,car pools are so not cool,seriously.You can't refuse some offer when it's the first day to college and you're running late.Fuck happens and well you'll soon know about it but it was gorgeously fucked. After the "helpful" seniors guiding us wrong,reached classroom about sweet 25 minutes late for first tute(tutorial),and when we made it (includes two other direction devoid kids who can't interpret maps) saw some classmates hanging outside (literally) because philo room is meant to accomodate around 10 kids.28+1 is no logic for that,yet things happen.Logic teacher refused to teach us standing so we had shift to a bigger room and finally started.Ouch,not to mess there,not even smirk during attendence. What is bothering me is logic,the course seems to be on the same line a mathematics (according to our HOD that is untruth way of saying things but yes it's a math of a sort) and it's suppose to be scoring,ahem.Anyways let's not count chickens before they hatch and make most boiled eggs than omlette's.

Met someone with whom I had talked on phone (who also happens to be a senior's cousin) and it was today that we realized we had known each other.So pretty much through the day had no classes.Just mingling,exploring and waiting to get ragged was in the schedule.Two even bunked the last half of the day at the beauty parlour,heha.Fun it is,really to see people talking about each other right under their noses. Very positive philosophy vibes we're getting on first day,with 2 off to bunk the concurrent subjects.Monday happens to be ECA orientation,let's see what it has.Building is confusing,by the time we all realized assembly venue,it was over.Today's day was significantly wasted,cafe-classroom-common room-cafe,throughout.Got free by 2:30 but decided to stay in college till 3:40.Sukhmani came over and we sat for a while,the usual cracking up.

Can't say whether I like this or not but I need to multitask efficiently.Also since this blog is turning into rant-diary might just shift to some other site.Promise to elaborate on "multitasking" soon.

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