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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sometimes wishes become horses and beggars also ride them,ofcourse not like black beauty.
Exceptions are always there,and sometimes for good.Some few things happened in past two days are worth living the life on and rest quite aren't,expectedly.

Actions speak louder than words (copyright SnobO). I am not in a state to share words but pictures yes.

Sky is the limit,in this case,interview.

All the cribbing and procrastination,hm,well written off in terms of accountancy.It's unusual though leaving two college's cleared most of the courses and college's. Heat,sweat and uneasiness of ugly breath have paid itself brilliantly.

New beginnings knocking on the door.

I must give up attempts of creating powerful poetry or the oxymoron bit.

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  1. ahem! ahem! and yet the beggar refused to ride the horse,cos......................he got a unicorn!!


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