These boots are made for walking

Friday, June 05, 2009

..They'll walk all over you..ha I'm sure the time I am spend commuting these days,need just more than boots.Car ride seems to be a luxury and it's taking me lot more time than I'd imagine to get acquainted with public transport,the whole auto-metro-rickshaw routine. One day yes,it sounds nice and looks funny to see guys pole dance in metro ( not half as better as what they do in convent schools but then you can't have everything) and people studying with full concentration. So the trivial matter is I'm still hoping and trying for my course and my college scene and incase that happens,I'll be on my way making a record.Just because I categorically announced that I've given up blogging that didn't necessarily mean I was off digene,tea and my blog dose.Oh and btw if you just noticed I've got back to doing it,I don't know till when or how but yeah just things bottled and need to space them. Yeah hypothetically atleast. Have had some crazy times,left alone on metro stations when friends went on,fell down from stairs,publically humiliated myself,bad bass blocks,terrible mathematics to deal with in terms of accounts and money(the dutch system).Yeah it doesn't sound miserable when you get to travel in the wrong metro at times when you've decided you'll get down to eat at some random place and you land up in outskirts of the city.Also when you lose and break and retrieve your brand new cell phone,enough of this cribbing.Then there are things to talk about,things that I think I could leave for some place else than typos.

One thing that I've turned back again and well somewhat trying to get a clear view is Red Hot Chili Peppers. Now one of these lessons and I was asked to focus on slapping and went to refer Flea.Yeah thing that was really addictive,the bass line and the drum groove,which was an ear-worm and for that purpose I'd completely given up on that.Now that I heard it,went back home,very innocently searched for them and then I was back to humming day and night.This leads to a fact that ear-worms can completely unstabilise a person and for all the reasons on Earth I'm enjoying it more than before.Played blues progression and some riff's and went ahead with my bass line.Yeah it's gone some way but not as far as I'd still want.Anyways the way I am travelling it's getting complicated for me to put this along with my thing.

The irony is I've never taken so long to post something.I have another half a dozen entrances and tryouts to sit for various activites.No offences meant to clowns.I need some retail therapy and friends.The rats in my room have taken a liking for my bass cover,ha most random post ever..So long and my April in Paris.

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  1. I'm so glad you didn't actually STOP blogging! :P
    I'm soo in love with the campus..! :D

    It's 8 in the morning..this is the best I could do.


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