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Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Drama Queen

Act 1

Enchanting morning,ah after some three months I am going to witness the sun-rise.The sky's not painted,not like Van Gogh or some dude. How does it matter I really don't understand but life's pretty understated. At some point of time it is,and when you realize that you pretty much give in. We can have a healthy debate on this a little later but a little something.
This is the fourth entrance in one week.Good fucking God,don't even have time to read the newspaper today,it was North Campus again hence it involved public transport change business,which is something commendable.If you can tackle that you're street smart. I am streetdog broke in making if I were to make things cornier by the bay.

Act 2

The pillars stand forth,tall and handsome.The ceiling is destroyed,perhaps senility or just construction's wearing off.Ha,something so strong yet effective.It's not even on the same lines as rules we're suppose to follow.Yet we are forced to follow.Say regardless of what you may think,but isn't it unethical to make merry; eat,drink and laugh in the class where some 90 kids;dying in the heat and absence of space without any kind of interaction on formal grounds are writing their future? I know examination is not the time to eat,drink and merry,but whatever you do, is it ethical enough?

You point at people merely,and laugh.Fuck you and your entrance,in all likelihood I am not clearing this one.It was severe brain-fucking damage in that heat and cramped up hole.It seemed like a cell,molecular division and since I am not from science background,you can't expect me to know the SI unit of electric current.And what's it got to do,anyways with production and cinematography?

Act 3

The dispersing crowd.Most beautiful sight since the sun-rise and star gazing in clear sky on rooftop.Specially after exam.One moment I really miss,and the rush can never be replaced.Today was significant and different.I went alone,second trip.Met IF at the centre,debated over *stuff* and made way.After the thing,met Sukhmani after second entrance now.Ms. perverse,the batch topper 10 was also there.After tracing each other over phone,met and hugged and she suggested me a very innocent way of getting into college of my choice.Ofcourse it was so innocent and innovative that I kicked the offer but now contemplating.

Act 4

Never ending queue.

You could make out,it was going till the escalator.Still had to be there,in the queue.The sense of system in metro is such that even with daft's it solves the problem effectively for once,and the queue thankfully moves,usually.Almost halfway I realised I was suppose to be with S for lunch date.Made it really late,and ofcourse at the wrong place initially.Misinterpretation of message and spent some nasty priciking amount for auto but at the end was really worth every bit.Ended up buying same stuff for both us and just came back dead tired.


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High on art form of some order

Saw the most scintillating skit with raving company..I am in deepest admiration of the sarcasm.Brilliant actor,gorgeous direction and super sarcastic script.I was at awe,pure brilliance and worth everything I have given up.As long as my sanity matters we don't care for anything.

Really tired and life's almost at the part where we are living the learning experience.Some shopping and sun-screen would be good enough for the longest day,ah I adore it.

Currently Reading- Jazz etc by John Murray.

Ps-Thanks a lot Goldhwak for making me believe that I am really capable enough to put words together.

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