The commandments

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Since I am broke,tired and in need for a reason of existence *ahem* I thought I could do with a list or two.


1-When you see someone in queue for the forms,even in the scorching heat that person manages to look super cool.Like some Greek God or its female counterpart,you look up with pride,you've scored .5% more than that person. Yaye.

2-When you fit into that perfect pair of skinny denims that you bought an year back and it still looks good.

3-When you run,fight and manage to purchase the last form from the counter and the girl who comes after you wails loudly.

4-After the 5 attempt you get neon green shoes laces,finally.

5-When you have exact denomination of loose change in your wallet for auto.



2-Chilled diet coke.

3-Ice Tea and sesame toast (no one makes it like British Council).

4-King Mint.

5-Zinger.No cheap Mcdonalds substitute please.


1-That pair of shorts from tommy hilfiger.

2-Warwick corvette.

3-MAC lip glass(brownie points for hello kitty collection)and passion fruit lip butter from Body Shop.

4-Manish Arora's Fish Fry inspired swatch wrist watch.

5-Somebody to sponsor them all.


1-Digging up results.

2-Group call.

3-Eating in metro station premises (not my idea).

4-Purchasing kitsch from people tree.Again.

5-Laughing like lunatics when a certain someone referred "Bhaisahab" to this hot-bod stranger.


1-Being with a direction devoid rickshaw puller and refusing help.

2-On the verge of death by thirst yet refusing to buy a mineral water bottle with the name "icelings".

3-Leaving that perfect pair of plaid shorts,why? Because everybody else is wearing them.

4-Abandoning Osho slippers because they were the cause of great fall.

5-Wasting abysmally long time on youtube when I could simply study.

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  1. now this is what you call as "The snobster claasic".BTW what's a warwick corvette..Jeez I can't even pronounce it......


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