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Monday, May 04, 2009

..So you think driving is tough..

~Excerpts of telephonic conversation~

Act one

Loser a- "Dude,this is insane..even *inserts name* knows how to drive..The other day she drove till Noida..

Loser b- "Isn't she the same person who can't even pronounce her name in english.OMG Have you ever heard her speaking english?

Loser a- "You're telling me?? She was a leech with us throughout school.Btw do you know it's just two of us who aren't driving? Isn't it worth killing each other?

Loser b- "It's ok man, .You know even my driver knows how to drive.We'll learn that someday,when we get our cars, maybe"

Act two

Bored a- "First we hear, she is in a relationship, then she can't meet us because they have their breakfast together, lunch together in one plate,they even study together. They hang out together, they are fucking neighbours.. and she says it's not serious,,Tell me ..what is she fucking at?

Bored b- "maybe it's when you share one toothbrush, that's what she means by being serious.

Bored a- "*Hurls variety of abuses in hindi, punjabi and english* Let her fuck and be casual about it.I am happy being single."

Bored b- "You don't sound like.."

Bored a- "Because I don't have food in the same plate and neither do I study together from 1-6 pm everyday with anyone."

Bored b- "Um are you jealous of her?"

*drops tone*

Bored b- "Hello?? Hello??"

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