Mojito-Mo problem

Friday, May 22, 2009

I wish I had had some wine,before I'd started out with this post.Though I was craving some beer,but a mojito would mean I'd be your servant forever.Enough rubbish.What this wimp has is beer in the refrigerator but no fricking energy to walk till there and gulp it down.I don't even know how and what force is making me type this shit.Trust me,if you were to witness what happened today,you'd say the same thing.No two ways about it.

This might as well be my last blog,for the very obvious reasons.The fact that my CBSE score for english has sucked much, much more than I'd anticipated.For the starting,I'd really dropped off the burden of verbosity and flowery language.I'd also made sure that my handwriting doesn't require an analyst to inform the invigilator that this is human work.What's depressing is that it's taking me time to think,whether I should actually bother typing this,because no one bothers around dropping a line here.Here don't pity so soon.

The score dropped my jaw,well because I had no expectations and well though it was all about it,but english? 81..

I can quote names,scenes,dialogues from every english lesson I've had in these two years.For the things I love I stalk them.English lessons were one thing I was obsessed about.Never in my life I thought I'd be in such a sorry state.Considering I was hoping for making a living out of this,I have my own doubts.First the result came out much before the designated time,and that took me and then the overall result shit that I happened to check out.It was indeed the last nail in the coffin.

Everyone,I repeat (for emphasis) just everyone, who can neither read,write,speak or in all likelihood, understand english ends up getting above 90.Those who question my capabilities are either from CBSE or they are puritans who need some reality check.I'll talk about three ..rather four or five cases who deserved rather something better.

There's my school's topper,the 10 grader.Talk to her and you'll know pervert is a very local term.Her wit will assassin you and wet your pants.This person scores 78 in english,this year.Similarly,her counterpart,brilliant poet and the person who never bought her stationery,a mere 65.

I.F. something in 70's.(I don't know if I am permitted to quote the exact figure).

Then Motherjane kept asking whether I was alright or not.I had the worst attack of headache in 17 years today,and I felt there's nothing which can save me.Every second this scene was haunting me,my teacher chucking out these bunch of sluts from my class and these guys,who were technically never allowed inside the room,with 92,93 score.I can write countless things here and not that I feel particular fondness or some kind of love or affection that's stopping me.It's just fucked up shit,all locked up inside,bursting to come out in some form.Otherwise I simply give half a flying fuck to these bitches all around.Go screw yourself before your score does.

Also had the privelige to go and get myself to royal boredom and stupidity at some relative's place.It's a known fact that I can't stand people who claim to be some vague aunt-uncle and even dumb to just go and meet them under social visits.My sister was icing on the cake,acting like retard 4 grader trapped in a body of 18 year old.It was all so sick that I just wanted to get back home,in my room,under the roof where I've seen it all coming.Vague.

Now just about any superficial english wannabe I am talking to,(even without the tag they remain just the same) claims to have scored above 80.Let me get to the point,I am not against my score,but the cue is,what did these morons write,Phrases? I wonder,because that's the only thing CBSE understands.Crazy people who just mindlessly copy everything you do,because you do it undercover and the others simply ignore it.But you might just take it,claim to be yours and get the credit for the fucked up version of yours.Isn't that cool enough to prove your wisdom down there?
The funny part is,these guys will just do anything,anything to attract the masses and yet procrastinate like everyone.They'll pretend to be into nirvana or acting all frustrated just like that because it's the vogue,'neath the blankets they'll be on with their iPods (worst cases with mp4 players) blasting Taylor Swift and her love story saga, gaga.

Boo hoo hoo

That's not the point.

Let's come back to them.They are the people who pretend they have nothing with the person who actually holds zilch,and next minute they update their friends about the 2141 guy who asked them out and they turned down.Ofcourse in case of guys it's the other way,but it's directly about screwing there.No qualms at all.

Is there anything we can do about this class? The pretentious liars and wannabe english people? We can't.If we stop blogging,and brooding stuff,they'll run out of ideas and their phrase box will turn dry,because this is the place where they look around.

So the conclusion is we let them celebrate their score and we listen to some healthy mix of Swing and Nu metal.

Score card reads 85% with best of four (includes hindi) and 84% aggregate.Shut the fucking shit,the college dream about english is doomed.The college of my choice.

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  1. i'm so glad you did this.i so-so wanted you to come out with a blog like this!

  2. hey...hard luck!
    do you think rechecking will help?


  3. Bad luck, yo. English can be a tricky one. I cocked up my ICSE English very badly, got 77 or something. I'm convinced it's because I'd learnt the Shakespeare so well, I could just quote the portions directly and they made sense as answers to me. So I didn't bother explaining or analysing them :)

  4. Homer- You know that mate : ( I wish I could tell you but atleast you understand the pain which is strangulating me,my creative spirit.
    Jan-Yes,I am giving english for re-checking,though I am pessimistic about it.
    Perakath-Again,when one reads your stuff you don't sound like 70 something in english.Shakespeare was my baby,and if you know what I mean..they screwed my result even then.
    That's nice philosophy you guys have,I appreciate it,really.

  5. We should burn down the CBSE building, maybe that will get their attention.
    People who talk bout "Frandships" have scored in 90's dude.

    p.s. I'm not cribbing about my score.But seriously, I can't spell!! And you deserve more than me.

  6. Thats the thing with CBSE.
    The ones who write really well score less! Similar kind of thing happened with few of my friends who had excellent writing skills.

    I think its prolly because cbse checkers never expand their vocab & are scared when they read bizzare words ( of course bizzare for them coz they never understand )

  7. i give you the permission to quote my exact score ,it's something I'd stopped caring about when ms. long legs got a whopping not denounce blogging doing so your hitting me harder than any of my CBSE scores,if I with a 74 can continue to write why can't you???and as far as popularity goes,your blogs are read by literary wonders( barring me of course),while I have to beg and plead my folks to leave a don't you ever save that excuse for quitting your passion

  8. Looks like nothing's changed as far as CBSE goes, even in 5 long years. I was the school topper in 10th, and ended up getting a mere 75 in English in 12th, whereas people whose abilities in the language are laughable got as much as 93!

    At least your batch is better off - the DU English entrance is based on CATE and not board marks. I hate cut-offs - forced me into engineering. Sigh.

  9. Don't let stupid marks judge you- you will know where you stand once you go on to your masters and later.
    Sadly, graduation sucks too, only muggers get the best marks. Just use the time to read much as possible and don't give a shit about marks. Then when you have to write research papers- you will know where you stand. Exams suck, they hardly test you.


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