Is you is..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

..or is you ain't my baby, yes I am asking this question.A day before the Business Studies board,oh wait yes I was even watching Boomerang before boards.You deserve to burn yourself if you haven't seen that or heard the track,Tom trying to impress his puss-girl.I've just got over a bad writer's block and I still seem to be little dazed about it.

As far as the updates are concerned,I screwed my foreign language entrance.The only question I was confident about was on Lacoste.Heha not that bad afterall,but well isn't this ridiculous enough? How can such a prestigious university question your writing skills and ask about Barack Obama?

Now that we have a significant day ahead tomorrow and day after,why not just wait for fry-day.Everything we've procratinated about,since more than a year will come to conclusion- a concussion rather.Everything is just HUMBUG.

The most decent college with commerce expects you to fetch 98% in best of four and anything below that is below dignity.It's been a nightmarish week and since morning I've got like 125 calls saying,"Your result's out."

Yes why not,just because your kid/sister/brother/son etc's result is out and they happen to be from different region that doesn't quite mean that I'd be in the same boat.

*runs to loo and pukes*

Now,I am really sick and I am going to gorge on strepsils,crocin,digene and maybe disprin.

Stop being a wuss and check this out.

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