Spray away pain

Sunday, April 05, 2009

So 1:27 am and a yawn later,I got inspiration to type words,after reading something "hypocrite".It excites me,to see,to hear things which are completely opposite the nature exhibited by indivisuals.They too,without realizing that,try to put across stuff which is unlike them in all aspects.I guess that is human mind and you've got to accept it.A considerably longer time since I've written something but just had ideas and thoughts to put across.The "a" key has broken and I have to really make an attempt as I type this ( so that makes more than a reason to comment).C.B.S.E. will leave no stones unturned,to cremate my dream.Admission is going to get shit this time.Even the languages I was hoping on(deep inside,hindi at certain stage) dissappointed me.Even picked up a fight at the last day of my exam,the centre was one place to visit.I could challenge any one to sit on that kind of bench for full three hours and put numbers and decorate it with various diagrams in case of economics.If that was not all,the memories of stillness and wretched haunted me while managing accountancy.No one could be happier than me,it's over.Now no more ego trips and no more delibrately putting my life to hell with commerce or utility.

Somethings which I lost on during this time was my bass.My bass playing was absolutely discontinued.You could imagine my folks behind it,but they didn't shoot even once for it.Rather everyone was shocked how deeply I had put myself into them.This was the time,to really do something,but I guess it works this way.Luck or not,,they sucked.Honestly,I'm left counting on the entrances.Also that the trauma is finally over,I have resumed bass playing and realized that I am just zilch as I was in august when I picked it up.My fingers felt the familiar tingling after the longest time when I started again.Now something that I was looking forward to,the bass lessons.I'm starting with them from wednesday and it would rather fill the gap created by the absence of one-to-one teaching.You-tube is friendly,I would stream couple of video's (including lessons etc) and watch them,while playing bass.But ofcourse this time,by wednesday a lot needs to be done.I have to put every bit of my energy there,to reach back from where I left in january technically.What I started was books again.Maybe writing again will help me put back the scheduled-mechanical life I was leading.

My head throbs as I type this,but I guess yesterday's trip has really caused the damage behind my lethargy.Though they ended on 28,it was yesterday I felt like free bird.Left the house at 11:30 am to pick up forms from Jamia,from there almost boarded wrong bus (yes,we're the beginners,never really sat into a bus,not even a school bus in my case-folks always dropped me in a car),helplessly wandered around the University area till we found our way in the auto for K.G. Marg.Damn,the place where me and "D" had to go was shut-some religious event to celebrate so to make matters worse,walked down till C.P. almost the whole place twice.Had to pick up books-Statesmen House seemed far so enter "Teksons".A small scale bookshop which had multiple copies of Chetan Bhagat and The Last Mughal stack.Apparently the music which was being played sounded somewhat like electronica version with the following words,

"Bol,Bol whie did you dithc me
Jindagi bhi le le yaar kill me
Bol Bol why did you kill me

Ofcourse I could be wrong with the lyrics but I felt that communism should be encouraged.Every single bookseller on the pavements had stuff from classics to your chick lit.Ended up splurging on "The name of the rose" and another one,which I'm sure Goldhawk would love to borrow once I'm done with it.From there "D" had to get a piercing done,went to giggles but the procedure they chose didn't fancy us and we left the place hastily.By that time I was starving,so we chose to nibble on street edible delights than my zinger or D's McAloo Tikki.After a bottle of lemonade and a sandwich and an impulse buy(bag) we moved on to Central Market(lajpat nagar).Made way for the piercings,I had no intention for my 12 right now,but got it done-both of us together.Impulse buy-silver earrings,totally broke,we nibbled on some chaat and roamed about looking for another drink.This time even worse-flat fountain pepsi,D's idea to skip lemonade.Well whatever the fuck,that market has lost it's kitschy soul somewhere to the Punju liberalisation.At 4:30 we were ready to scream our lungs and crash,till I craved for nail enamel.So went to 24/7 to pick up peacock blue and shining espresso and another one (impulse again),left the place and finally reached home at 7 pm.

I'm here with a piercing and an empty wallet,today did a lot of organising of closet and books and lazed around,no bass playing which is making me feel guilty.Whatever happens this wednesday,my lessons for some or the other reason suck-be it academics or cooking or something.I have high hopes from them.Bloody commuting leaves me broke and I don't know how to handle the public transport system alone.That reminds me,have to comb my hair.Bad hair day puts me down every day.More updates sooner or later.

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