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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Don't really have time to type down stuff.I'm expecting mum to barge in any minute and lecture me on sleep cycle.It's gone erratic and to be honest,I've enjoyed every bit of it.It's aimless though,most of the time I'm reading stuff.But you can't really explain this and rest to the folks.The result is sluggish,I end up sleeping around during the day and get active in the evening.Enough of dreamy facts.I had a long and most of all,great day.It's shocking how after the longest time I felt interested and attentive.I never expected this to happen,but my bass playing has come a long way now,yes 8 months.Haha funny,I find it long,yet I can just manage a few riffs and that too very cracky,not smooth.My style was described as "funk" as I leave the strings early without letting them ring,but then I know I got to work on that and continue.What is exciting me right now,the fact that we've started with the theory bit and reading music.I've always truly wanted to read the tabs and get on with my music.Now that I've just started it's something I'm looking forward too.Unfortunately after the class,had to run around the several places,hence didn't really exceed my playing by an hour.

The running around bit is something I must mention.As always the public transport left me abusing the system.To coat it,the humidity and the breeze was heavy on me and had to run around K.G.Marg for auto.I am going on the verge of bankrupt,courtesy the autowallah's.Seriously,something needs to be done about this.All this running around is killing me softly and I can sense it,but I don't regret it even a bit.Things are not turning out the way I'd thought.I had planned for all those driving lessons(which demands me to get out of the bed at 5 am(well dressed),join a library(close to the residence),Shopping at certain level(my credit worthiness is humbug),bass playing(will I ever be a "decent" bass player? I doubt).My piercing has begun to hurt,and I am not giving it a hoot,yes it deserves some sympathy for that level.I've plugged in broken headphones as some techno stuff is playing in the background,which will keep the folks happy :)

Buzz is out about the board exams that the score's not crossing 60 for Business Studies and ha I won't be surprised if that is true.Hope they get the cut-off's to 70 something incase the score falls down to the latter.Then we'll see who makes it.I'm switching my loyalties as the things go,but i'm enjoying every minute of it.It includes my music,from techno to John Mayer.Never quite liked him,but profusely contemplating the lyrics to "had a bad day".

The reason why I am killing myself at this moment with this utterly useless post and readerless blog is the entrance exam I have tomorrow morning and I have no clue what is coming ahead.18 hours prior to the exam you're informed and the syllabus is unknown.It's "english grammar",ha I suddenly feel jittery even for that and seems like I've never done that.But what kind of a test you are talking about? A test for an hour and half and then another hour or two for the result and interview at the same time.Worse is,they decide what course you can opt for,so you have no choice,either go ahead and enroll or else drop it.The bloody course starts either from monday,14 april or 18,may.I sincerely hope I make it for the april bit.May is going to be hectic,even april is,but at a manageable level.My cousins and extended family are coming over this sunday with their dog,to attend wedding and spend some time here.Sunday is going to be jam-packed and if the course begins,I reckon if could actually spend time with my cousins.My bass will take it's sweet time and I don't mind giving that away.Let'see what lies ahead tomorrow,though it will not come to me as a surprise that out of 17 levels I land up on the 5 level.

Another purpose to put it down here is,haha my vague practice for a write-up.I don't expect any writing bit,yet why taking any risks here when we have the medium.It gets better with practice,just like bass.I could never imagine playing "e" string well.It would just never happen.Turns out,my bass was badly out of tune,and I with extreme negligence had played it with the loose strings.Now that it sounds better than ever I hope I make an understanding with it.

If you have played an instrument or have been associated with any art form you would know how you have to really get acquainted with your partner/instrument.I heard this from a Sukhmani as well.We saw this gorgeous mask some two weeks back at a mueseum and she narrated an incident where she was handed over some old and extremely precious Japanese mask by her theatre teacher as a part of impromtou performance.Now if you don't know the thing with this let me explain-whenever to choose an art form,drum set,bass,acoustic guitar,or just anything even sport ; you have to form an understanding with that and work together.If you try to disrespect it or maybe take it for granted,it could ruin your chance to play it beautifully and if you happen to make an understandng with it,you're just together.This happened in her mask's case as well.She performed that part with poise and elan.Later her teacher informed her,that the mask had been passed out from that master to his disciple,and he was told to hand it over to someone who knows the worth or could handle it with respect.She did it,though the mask could've killed her on stage.Lack of oxygen or something,but having an understanding with your instrument really helps.What helps more is practice.For past few days I was sure that I couldn't handle my intrument and something was terribly wrong with it,but today when the problem was rectified,I felt better and I am enjyoing the lower edge,the melody.It's pleasure,that no other materialistic thing can give you-but a cheap givson bass.

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  1. Not entirely readerless blog. Bass is cool. (But drums are cooler.) Good luck with the entrance.

  2. Ha,one and a half reader! Never been glad ;)
    I'm sure you'll know,bass and drums are incomplete without each other so no partiality (my sister plays bass drum for the school band).
    Cracked the entrance,the interview was killer,got the april bit.For the first time,I don't feel like dunce :P


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