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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Don’t look at this with disgust. I know that I was regular with my writing during boards more than what I am right away, but it’s not my fault. I am forced to type on MS Word than the blog page, because of apparent reasons of connectivity and its complementary bill. There was the Landline bill, Internet screwed itself and I was left in the vicinity of “Guinea Pig” .Trust me, you’re lucky enough if you have no morbid idea of that is. I am still left to figure my cell phone. It’s been 4 months and 3 weeks that I am back to my 9 grade Motorola handset. For all those of you who know the reason I changed that, I am back to using it, till my folks have spare time/attention or out of pity buy me a new piece (which if you were to ask me, stands no chance in the near future).

Continuing the rant, Brit Council has left me disappointed. First everybody who works for them (including the sundry staff) considers themselves to be from planet super condescending. Sounds funny, yesno? Go enter the building and you can feel the vibe coming from there. Their thinking or rather the behavior is driven by the fact that they know the level of the batch and hence anything over that is taken to be copied from the net or written source when it comes to writing skills. Then the spoken English skill has to be questioned again,”Oh,I don’t understand what you mean”.There are certain things about that place that appeal to me, hence I am putting in every bit of my patience and trying to ignore the misery that comes along. The course available for my level wasn’t required so I was thrown in a course which was meant for a lower level but involved almost everything-including writing. But it turns that they can’t accept such writing assignments that don’t go along the level, because you’ve definitely copied from the net (They’re experienced teachers afterall, they know the level of the batch). What comes along are characters from another planet. After having spent 14 years with my classmates, I thought no one could ever beat them, but Christ, the batch of 12 students, has put my theory wrong. I could dedicate my first novel to them; they are so charming and elegant in their outlook and language. The guys specifically, after a group discussion where I was paired with all three of them, turns out no one gets frightened, they rarely laugh and love mathematics. Whatever it maybe, I am not changing, myself either for them or their idiosyncrasies.

During all this I had the privilege of meeting my twin-cousins after four years. Little background-exactly a year and two days younger, I pictured things differently. Their interests vary from ‘Twilight’, ‘drinking orange vodka directly from bottle at 3 am(I could use the word "neat" but it kills the effect)’, ‘Guinea Pig/Piggy’, ‘Gossip Girl’, and ahem stuff which is better kept away from this blog. Scapegoat I am, I was forced to vacate my room for guests and move in living room with them. True to their calling, my room resembled the perfect pigsty you might have seen in flicks, for an instance babe-pig in the city. Leave alone my bass playing, even the thought of using my washroom made me cringe. Though even in that chaotic state of guerilla warfare and successful implementation of the same, I managed to take very little time for my bass playing and when they were away for the religious shopping trips I did the needful. I think it was with them in a market that I met Ms. Geeta Chandran, whom I happened to welcome for the annual day last year. Even she recognized me and enquired about life after school. Sounds really cool if you know what I mean, she’s one great dancer and alumni. Another time I met two very old but warm friends who changed their school after 10. Sweet nothings make life worth living and we instantly decided to meet after an hour, to pick up the forms. However the cousins and their folks had to make another shopping trip, I was forced to bail out of my plan. Typical, Hmm but I didn’t bother attending the wedding, the purpose of all those shopping trips. Meanwhile I personally didn’t shop for anything. Unbelievable as it sounds but I have not shopped for anything for this season/session the much hyped college wardrobe. Commuting expenses and the tan I’ve acquired has killed my passion for shopping. My feet complain every time I get back home, so I’ve begun loving my room after they left and new found solace with whatever old playlist I had. Even picked up fight with two jerks at the library. This place needs to have serious change of attitude lesson for everyone who’s a member of library,student or part of the staff. Bass lessons are fine, what is troubling me, is my technique. I am not able to smooth it out. It leaves me disoriented after every riff I play-the prospects of being a killer bass player. I have my personal doubts about mastering it, but I am beginning to get what is known as “slapping”. Refining is the word I have to adhere to with my bass. Folks are out of country and mum’s just called. She has bought a pair of crocs for my sister, something I am ashamed of wanting to own for a fraction of time in my life after being misled by someone. It's better mum doesn’t come to know, “I don’t care how comfortable crocs are, you look like a dumbass wearing them!”

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  1. you never mentioned about your the twins ever.....and since when did you detest shopping


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