Friday, March 13, 2009

Temporary refuge from reality,no I was not on a vacation at the Tehri region of Himalaya's.Considering the last time I blogged,"Friday-13-february",today again seems to be a significant day.Very much in league.However I'm not really sure whether I do acknowledge the existence of this,but having your allegedly hyped "english core" exam just some 4 hours away from now,is like a waking dream wish fulfillment.Not that I've asked for it.Something that is rather funny is the place where this event will be conducted.Rose bud(puns intended),described some bit of what we could expect over the phone and I wish I could do the same,with all the voice moderations.The head of the institution comes wearing shades(which I daresay looks like what a cataract patient flaunts) in shade of burnt aubergine,inside the classroom,makes announcement like a programmed machine and exits.Message clear we'd rather lose our sense of understanding than those 10 marks for talking.Invigilators too seem to be from just another planet.All they've talked about in the last 6 hours I've been writing was the content of milk in tea and how it smells.Hm,I can straight away join a dairy farm after the stint of these stinky skunk examinations as I've been feeling like an opressed cow.Not making sense,but the way these exams are being conducted I've no further hopes left.

I am feeling out of focus and this kind of line.Apparently it seems like I've never composed anything.This can be the hang over from last night(wait till I divulge the details) or just out of practice.Hangover,if you must know is not from something consumed but some other form of being in that similar state.Whatever it maybe it's definitely not a good premonition,considering my thought process needs oiling,really soon.The thing with today's exam is,board rewards you with marks if you make your english language simpler,because they can't put jackass bit of effort to interpret your though process in whichever way your prefer.So deep within I know,miracles can't work today.If it was not about miracles,it could be luck.Strangely enough I don't just remember anything,nothing,about how I might just be drafting a classified ad in about some few hours time,maybe by when you're reading it or starting to read it.But coming back to luck bit,I am not aware of the presence here.I could qoute Siamese,"My luck seems to be at an all time high".Ok,I get the point.When something great happens in your favour in a row,we term the reason "luck".Let's say we can presumably blame my luck the my internet connection is being dormant while I'm typing.I was suppose to be up latest by 5 and I love the snooze button so much that I ignored the alarm.Or wait the fact that I'm being injury prone,nervous wreck,muscle pull and everything that I could blame it on my luck.Here we go I could post in another familiar luck bit that happened over the last week,two rather.To top everything this obnoxious little day-date couple(I'm not blase),is not going to be something I can leave the blame.

Or can I?

The electricity just went off,I'm left with what my notebook has in store.Fine blame it on "Friday,13".Last month and today,twice in a row.Just everyone who's passing by is staring hard.They are kinda right in what they seem to do.Afterall,this place is as dead as dodo.Blame it on the date,you've got someone to blame now.

It's back.Electricty is back.

I know,almost narrative and playful,this thing.Let me put it again,

"Mommy must hit C.B.S.E.It has ruined my writing skills"

Get the fact quickly,I'd be rather glad if I don't score in today's exam.It'll screw me again,peacefully but yes It will prove that I'm devoid of what the board wants.Also it'll further screw the chances of admission.But somehow there's this wierd silence and introspection.Insanity can do wonders.

It already has.

ps-ignore the spellings,for once,for the sake of ..

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