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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Updating this journal has become a liability for me (puns unintended).It's not everyday that I come out and confess that I've started to dislike my passion,writing.It might be because it's usual run of the mill,daily sob stories from the 12 grade,rather than what it used to be,though I ain't proud of what I wrote at that stage.It's back to analysis feet.I'm thinking too hard,too much,what is not required at this time.It's meant to focus,on my texts,which talk about stuff,I really don't understand.Not that I don't try,but caffeine,gums,digene-nothing really helps.For a fact whatever I do understand,registers in my mind well,and it's only then I am able to deliver my best.Perfection should be the aim,and it's possible only if everything is practical.Put all this in a situation,a naive 17 year old,stuck in suck-fest of an education system,where the general guideline is on the same line as bulimia.First binge eat,then when make yourself sick and vomit out everything on paper.One who is able to do that gets all the compliments from the opposite sex (we are just considering cliches here)and green from the same sex.They are the ones who are hyped in the much wanted society.I'm going off track,yet again my thoughts leading me somewhere else.Not my fault again.Never before I've been cut-off from the world like this.Alright I may not be entirely true saying this.I'm here blogging my miserable tales.Study groups land up once in a while and we deviate from the topic.Look I understand it's fricking abnormal,the thought itself to perfom the overrated studying for some 18 hours or 12 for that matter,but doing something is concrete.In my case there's zilch.Each day I sit back,do a handful of questions and let the time fly.

Let's face the Arundhati way,12 is not 10,accountancy is not science and economics is not maths.71% can't put me anywhere besides,some hope from useless entrances.Let me put this across clearly,I am in shit position in cash flow.For all those of you who know,it seems easy and yes at some point even I was in admiration for a very simple and easy concept of inflows and outflows,but its become increasingly impossible and the ratios is pure mathematics.It doesnt do any good either.Getting to economics,my blog can be renamed as Freak-O-nomics without any hesitation.Without landing in the self pity mode again,I need to do something soon,something concrete.Practical was not exactly a mode but an eye opener that something needs to be done,and very soon.The viva was strangely enough,funny;beyond all expectations.Confidence and cockiness at the same time and just the eye contact,without doing much.Anything to save AS-3 and my neck.Anything to avoid repeating history,the mistake and to fulfill ego."Let the tigers beware"-the Kalki way.I swear I'll keep our lil dirty secret (puns intended) and special thanks and hugs to Siamese,for supporting me(without however showing off otherwise) through this "in the blood" way.

A significant thing I might have missed,the internals had asked us to help thy neighbour and as strong can it get against us,none of the students in my viscinity was prepared in such a manner that they could do their bit and help the needy.The external examiner even said,"Do I look like a fool to you? My mom says I do actually."

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