Autumn Leaves

Friday, February 13, 2009

..are fading away,if I still look at my dreamy,bedhead self and say.Ah,well after a really long time,six months perhaps,my folks are out for some cocktail meet,ah and the pleasure of playing some good music without having to fear them interrupting.My day started with the way,I'd never want.My senility is coming much before than I had expected it.I completely forgot about the class or rather the full course test today in the morning at 9,and as a result of hitting the sack late last night,managed to get up at 8:30 am.The geyser in my loo has not been working for sometime,and my folks bathroom was occupied,hence almost in my sleep,I put my hair in bun and plunged into icy cold water-in my loo itself.Good lord,didn't even realise,my throat was already pleading mercy when I did this.To top it,last night ,accountancy ended on a bad note,very out of practice kind,and the same thing happened at the test today.First the paper was pretty lenghthy,the questions were out of some serious text.This clearly explained that none of my balance sheet's,cash-flow and even the short questions tallied.I'm expecting something near the 30's.It's a thin line between pass and fail here.Icing on the cake,I didnt even bother doing my hair in place,and I looked all bed-head and someone who could just crash on a cushion or any place for that matter.Things didn't get into place,after skipping breakfast,I was forced by mum personally,and all that jazz that I'm not taking in a healthy diet.The caffeine and digene family has been introduced to a new member now.Strepsils did some good to my sore-hurting throat.Although I am cutting on my caffeine supply and antacids,this one will take time.

Speaking of this I almost saw my day going in ultimate drain,very groggy indeed.I did absolutely nothing but heard Sinatra playing on the lappy.As long as it keeps me to it,to my passion,no one has the liberty to do anything.What is unusual,is the fact that I have been charged to update here,after reading something,which really wanted me to do something about myself.These thoughts are being nudged by some fire-crackers-loud DJ playing Hip-Hop/Punjabi trail,so loudly that it can overpower the dog's bark.Even right now,I am listening to "Night and Day".The music in the background is getting louder.That reminds me again,I saved the bass tabs for cocaine.Hoping to start with it from sunday.Seems relatively simple as compared to few others I went through,to name-the wall.Let's hope I really manage to pick up something here,if not boards and score and a college perhaps.Ok,I won't crib any more.It's my fault altogether,that I can't manage a decent score,and perhaps a decent college to name.

Something what I have discovered after analysing today,wherever I've felt an inclination to do something,or have even done somwhere,or something I particularly adore,comes to an end.Let's start,I liked accountancy-come 12 grade and we see everything.I did an internship with NDTV metronation-The particular show is over.Wrote some stuff for Femina Girl-got printed,wrote more,they stopped the publication because it was running in loss,then wanted to pursue english honours-well it's got tougher as they just consider the score,last year's cut-off's were 98% for commerce.Did some bass playing,and now I'm being all greedy,wanting to lay hands on the gorgeous-Ibanez.That's impossible because "you don't just buy it,you earn it." I have done nothing concrete to earn it and also I am scaring my readerless blog about my wants-demands.Haha funny what 12 grade economics can really do,though my coaching centre is to be blamed.The teacher is funny,he'll talk about buying santro car and people hogging on food in marriages but nothing whatsoever about the subject.Sometimes I really wish,after the class,if I could do an apparition act(mind the spellings,I am not sure).Apparently they only bother about putting arrows in the diagrams and nothing beyond that.

The music's getting untolerable now,for me to continue.The speakers are blazing some utter crap there.It's disturbing my quantum and equilibrium.Mustain's said it long back,let me put again,"Peace sells...but who's buying?".

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  1. Hi there.Have been reading your blog since quite some time.I didn't have anything significant to comment.I'd still say I like the way you write.

    My seniors tell me that few topics in accounts are 'dangerous' ,lol.That word scares me enough!
    So I understand what you are going through.

    All the best for the ordeal :P

  2. hi snobster! so did you end up making the cake? nice blog you have here. i am loving the font and layout!


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