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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Robert Frost has always been my interest.The title seems to explain a lot.It's a time when I've missed applying for NIFT (Fashion Comm.).The first opportunity is gone.However I am prying hard to avoid the same fate for the second one inspite of the fact,whether I'll apply for Mandarin or Chinese.Both of them are lucrative enough to fetch me a yacht.But again that's not all what I desire.Any how,focus needs to be set for march in place.My fatal enemy,(not Sadao,stupid) is turning out to be fatigue.It just doesn't end,every minute I seem to devote in nothingness and hence the time passes by.A lot needs to be done in terms of cleaning,organising(I manage my closet on my own),studying,and let me put this picture,as much as I hate to admit this,I am not loyal to my bass for the days that have gone.Last I learnt "Wake me up when september ends",by Greenday and since then almost a week has gobe that I've picked up.Also the post I had planned,it didn't get a place here.

Past one year has been quite a roll.If I were to be a little more precise,it's the same year where I enjoyed watching my blog print in one of my favourite magazine,did some emcee-ing at the school events and even directed a skit for the farewell managing 35 peers!Had those,"OMG! WTF!" moments,primarily in school(yikes!).All this put together with the Thumka-jhatka's specially with pally's.It will be deceiving if I'd say that doing salsa on "Bolo Tara rara" was my pick or searching for invisible kitchen in the fort,or wait the whole Hype about "abey Jaldi Kheech na.." in Gee's screeching voice.The countless times,when we've spread ourselves in corridor playing dumb charrades(yes we even play ring-a-a-ring-a roses and Fire in the mountain and also that game where you sit in a circle and sing,"I sent a letter to my father,on the way I dropped it.",including the regular throw-ball and kho-kho) and Noaina trying to tell me papi gudiya(the flick by pointing to my sipper,and eating lollipops and pretending to be Britney.

The last christmas party of the school was one occasion which had me in splits(literally).Perhaps being in a convent school,the things are different from the other schools but then it's not always you see pole dance in english class,where one girl acts like a pole and the other as dancer and the entire room is throwing spare change,or wait have you ever played musical chairs with 50 participants and 10 chairs and no music?I kept cribbing entire year but the dance by my batch last day was so hillarious,just to witness all the mujra,dance on the table infront of CT,singing her latest favourite track(Desi girl if that's what she said) and making her dance,The whole class singing in chorus or rather turr-ing ,

Inhi Logon ne *bangs the table twice* Inhi Logon ne *bangs table twice* inhi logon ne le liyaa dupatta mera *fakes the act with muffler*

and our messiah Altaf Raja,we've sang his track almost everyday during accountancy..

Tum to thare*bangs table*tume to thare*bangs table*tum to thare pardesiiiiii saath kya nibhaoge?????

Subah pehli *bangs twice* subah pehli*bangs again* subah pehli gaadi seeeee
tuition me laut jaaoge..

All this time,I expected lot of weeping and stuff on the last day but alas,I was wrong.

Rs 100 note in J's mouth from one side along with Baniya and the commerci-tes crooning,

Dekha jo tuje yaar,Dil me Baji guitar and the whole dholak thing with every one coming out infront of CT's camera,strutting their moves.The MOST craziest day I can ever truly have.

Now coming to present,Boards are around..umm well some days away!
Entrances need to be cracked (yeah figure it out now,It's foreign language),and need to work on my bass and plan for those things I've missed out in life due to somefucking reason.

*Now I'm free...I'm free fallin'*

Hey,wait did I say Morrison?

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  1. Yeah, You did mention Morrison a couple hundred times in the past few mins!


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