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Sunday, December 28, 2008

This whole season,onset of chills,struggling in the closet for the magical appearance of new clothes everyday,brings me to the closest of my retardom.Add to this,the fact that the board date-sheet is out,and well getting 3 days for accountancy means,a signal to work ass hard.Mathematics is yet another word,which brings nothing but flashbacks of painful teenage years,struggling to pass in the final examinations.If you believe in the concept of six degrees of separation,then the next big thing related to it is Accountancy.All my appreciation for the subject ended on the first extra class.It's whole lot of maths involved with meagre amount of logic,which by the way,I lack certainy,if you were to believe me.Someone does agree with me over here.The some-wierd-centre people approached the gates of the school,to allow them to interact with us,twelfth graders,which ended with the whole surprise test (Omg! it's so tough,I could faint","No-Don't worry.It's just for making you aware as to what you can expect from your entrances.")

After observing your performance these were my observations, you have a analytical bent of mind and like solving puzzles and quizzes a little practice would do the trick and help you ace this section. For quantitative aptitude you need to go back to basics, and start revising and reviewing concepts to get going.You have a good hold over language and grammar,I would say reading journals and editorials would set you on the right track to get all those right.

As for now,it's been quite some time,I've been online.See,here I am,reading stuff,an hour gone,another half to respond to people and check out youtube et al.Then all this amongst a time when I should be devoting time to my CBSE juxtaposed texts.Someone calculated,we have precise 10 days for each subject starting today,which includes the pre boards.Hm another reason why I can never get maths,it ALWAYS fetches bad results.As me,there's no logic behind going and calculating stuff,the time duration,volume etc. at this stage,when one can easily get jittery.With the kind of date-sheet that has come out,one can easily see tell,about the complications these people concerned might add.So to get into quick update,and self reminder,I have reached no where in my accountancy board project,which people finished up in their summer vacations.Test scheduled for Partnership on tuesday and thereafter a class on N.P.O. (which is no less than brainfuck activity).Another test,entire micro,morning 7 am tomorrow;I have serious doubts,whether I'll attend that considering students insisted for a test,healthy way to keep a tab on the improvement and a class preceding that.Have to courier a practice paper to my Language teacher,kind of semi pre-board by tuesday,which again I have to go through entire syllabus,and did I mention accounts again tomorrow morning till noon?Friends might drop for lunch tomorrow,and continuing the whole thing till march.

Starting from a different approach,I encountered someone who was tensed about my exams more than,me.Pompom and I were hanging out at the market closest to the school after extra language class.After an hour,I needed to board an auto back home,so it wasn't ,much hassle to look for one since the auto stand is just situated on the road leading out.After some haggling he came down to rs.40 and pompom left.This chap,he was in his late fifties and asked me first question after 5 seconds of driving,
Him-Beti school me ho? 12 me (in hindi)
him-Ab to padne ke din hai,yahan market me time mat barbaad karo..Padho..abhi padhoge tabhi board me number aayenge
me-*nods head*
him-haan,abhi padhoge to bade aadmi banoge,number aayenge aage jaoge.Ab market ke chakkar chodo..padh likh lo.Boards bhi bas aa hi gaye.School abhi khatam nai hua.
me-*almost controlling laughter* nai,extra class thi.
him-bas yahi din hai,padh likh lo,,ek ek bar exam khatam ho gaya to fir aaram se ghoom-fir sakte ho.Taariq(date) aa gayi?
me-*nods head -No*controls super fit of laugh*
him*goes on with another set of lecture on my boards* Kaunse school me ho? Laxman ya DPS?
me-*tells him*
him-Hamaare auto me to jo baithta hai,hamaare bachhe jaisa hota hai.
me-*nods head*

Outside my house,I paid him rs.40 in change,and he refused taking it.Instead he started DEMANDINg rs.50!

him-hamaara itne se guzaara nai hota,imaandaar log hai,rs 300 se kya hota hai ek din me.Mehengaai itni bad gayi hai..
me-Aapne 40 kahe,,mere paas to aur hai hi nai,baba.Mera fixed budget hai,deficit ho jaayega,Central bank surplus nai deta.

*after a lot of haggling* He was eventually convinced,though my convincing power is useless.

me-Baba..Aapka naam kya hai?
him-Mohd Yaseen,Mohammden hoon.Aapka naam kya hai?
me-*tells first name*
him-Gupta ho?
me-*once more tells him full name*
him-acha acha.
me-baba,aapka ek photo le lu?
him-Haan beti le lo.
me-mai computer pe likhti hoon.
him-Kya likhte ho?
me-articles vaghera (etcetra).

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  1. LOL..could not stop laughing after reading all this!!
    p.s-datesheet is disgusting!

  2. very good. great human touch and humor. Idea of putting picture very good. Overall A plus

  3. LMAO!
    Dude, i totally get you.All the sabziwalas and the plumbers and shit are telling me to study now-a-days.'s to a lousy new year.

  4. yo...ALL THE BEST for your boards, and the pre boards too!
    (hmmm...maths drives me crazy in ninth. wonder whats in store for me in 12th.)

    neway, have a rocking year ahead. don't get too stressed...whatever the autowaala, sabziwaala and kaamwali say.

  5. Thanks Jan..Long time..where have you been>>? Ok..I'll control myself and well I'm lucky I don't have maths anymore...and all that luck..You're sucha sweet person.Thanks.


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