Ode to “mor-buck”

Monday, December 22, 2008

If at all Mr mor-buck is a pea brained creature,then he'd be quite happy to ignore the following for the sake of convenience.A matter of chance,and boredom during the exams,driving me to the brink of lunacy and ability to watch grass grow and cows chew,it was one of those bizzare idea's,"Guest Post".I'm sure most of my readers(2 and a half people) are on the verge of maintaining the love and hate relationship as I am not able to devote my time to my dear page and updating everyone who's presence around me makes me want to repeat the phrase,"Are you into blogging?".Just as well time to come,I'd share a random fact which would quite explain,the thing you're about to witness(i.e. incase you have balls to navigate from this page before reading my first guest post),

  • Motherjane
  • making the biggest sensational confession cum gues[t]/[s] post (which is not my CHRISTMAS GIFT..geddit?).Janet Shamili as her folks must've named her,speaks about the retard nickname we've given her and how she has to bear with it and also how the conceptions and the whole outlook changes after the first meet with the cynosure of your eyes(read:person you admire).Janius is like a big influence on my life,(atleast for the last three years),and as for the random fact I mentioned at some point of time,she was the first person to read my blog,seconds after I'd created one,back when I was 15.Still I can recall,I was getting impatient as I was to report for accountancy tuitions,even before my 10 board result was out,and like this so many other things,she's the first person I report to.Did I mention she liked that blog,and even gave me her blogs link,but alas,her early stages of Alzehmeirs can be witnessed as she forgot the URL to her own blog!
    Like her,I too look upto someone,but it's more of a love-hate relation between us..and I suppose she's the only one who knows about that source,which I hate to acknowledge.Without doing any edits,and keeping her trust on me,and hoping to see our friendship/mother-daughter relationship,I bring to you the eternal motherjane.


    Well kid its about time you came to know the truth about Mor-buck its time that I play the role of the hideous screen name you have given me might I mention am not very found of the screen name, don’t know why you named me mother Jane I mean fine you are my adopted kid along with *pawwah* (uff uff anyone) and yeah he is unaware of the joint custody, I kind of like it that way but coming back to the point once again kiddo why such a humiliating screen name am aware of thy adulation and admiration towards me and iv practically taken you under my wings *all offerings after iv finished writing okay….let me write now scoot off* I've only never feed you, never provided you shelter, or paid your fees what so ever the real Mrs Saigal comes into the picture her true mother that is but still since you consider me to be such a big influence on you I thought I might share a bit of advice with you about mor-buck who else. You know I've always conceded with the ‘concept of admiration’ you know the one person you look up too, end up falling in love with each and every disturbing detail of theirs ( yes you might have stalked them for a while to get the details out which might have come across as utterly disturbing to all your mates but to you it could not have been more appealing), who always comes across as a class apart for you, who’s always above the rest, completely Unique!!!! yet your not in love with the person per say but you just have the utmost sense of fondness for him nothing that might transcend into love (but well lets just let this concept lie in the realm of the unknown )for me it was mor-buck (who of late has caught snobo’s fancy too) I used to truly rejoice in getting a split second glimpse of his and having a conversation would end up making my day yet after all this one fine day you realise you have been worshipping a false “god” and yes kid this is what has happened :( for mor-buck is not what I imagined he is not morbid or shy or an introvert for that matter he speaks and cracks jokes. For one who walks around unaware of the millions of people who pass him by its sad to know waltz to the tune of the known and detested… maybe I read too much into things and its not what mor-buck wants people to perceive of him but I strongly doubt this theory for he is cunning and it is apparent, not to many for as I mentioned before he is cunning!! and is silly at times not that I mind, but the aura or the intimidation I anticipated from his side was never felt. He is approachable and talks to certain people whom I would consider the most unlikely of matches is slave to certain habit’s I've been around hence m not bothered by, yet he flaunts around a well concocted image which unless you get to know him would end up believing in just like I did guess this split personality of his that I admired was nothing but the workings of my imagination sad but indeed true how your mind creates a whole cake out of just flour so when you actually do get a taste of what your mind has conjured up your left with nothing but a bitter taste in your mouth….. I m still in bewilderment with his shallowness not that I am not shallow but still somehow I expected more out of him I expected him to be above all such earthly dwellings, I wasn’t amused by the fact that I needed to belong to a certain *high* genre of people oscillating quite often to *weed world* I never knew semi- nudity and unlimited weed gave one access to call someone *garmi ka keeda* m sure this comes across harsh and yes it is I write this in a state of utter bitterness for he broke all my expectations for I thought of him as someone who had more to him not someone who could be bought so easily who could be so alike the million others wandering the earth maybe I should never have anticipated so much out of him but I did and somehow I don’t regret it. Now I just want people well at least you to know that mor-buck is nothing special not that he’s a bad person believe me he isn’t he’s rather sweet and disappointingly normal. It’s pathetic how girls throw themselves at him I’ve been a mute spectator to it I've not been stalking for he has always been aware of my presence acknowledged it when need be from both sides. For I walk along seeing him adorned by a set of girls I smile pleased with myself that am not one of them and walk pass smiling at him returning his gesture yet when he is with *lallima* a deep emotion stirs within me it makes me wonder why ? why would he be so random and then my whole thesis of him stands debatable he ends of doing the unlikeliest of things hangs out in places not apt for a person of his disposition to be at Yet he did all of that, he leapt into unknown territories just for *lallima* the thought of mor-buck changing for someone makes me want to go aaawww but that very instant I end up barfing as am reminded of the person who he is doing all of it for there is an unrest in mind when I see both of them together a constant debate eats up my mind a part of me feels happy not being a part of the whole paraphernalia that follows mor-buck and there is this other side that keeps questioning this feeling for there are times I yearn to have the longest of conversation with him isolated from the crowd that smothers him maybe then he would reveal the real him the one that iv always thought him to be ….. but SnobO I still say go not on my word, for my word rises from mind and my mind my friend plays its own tricks so come next year and get to know Mor-buck yourself maybe none of what I said would match your observations…maybe you would justify the silent sensation that “mor-buck” is who knows you may even end up being one among the crowd that surrounds him and as I will pass you by and smile you would know exactly what is going through my mind….. :)
    A corrected dreamer:|

    Janet Shamili

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    1. Cynosure of your eyes
      Dart! I’ve been trying hard for the past seven-eight years of my existence to locate one in the sky!

      And Janius’s post suggests sheer disappointment. Disappointed that he’s too normal? Don’t empty vessels make lot of noise?

      Heh. Reminds me of my mum’s reaction (as narrated and enacted by my father) on seeing Qutab Minar—‘What! This is it?’ So they moved on to Taj Mahal

      How about the same? The idea is to love the process. Anticipation, Fantasy, and the rest.
      So get to it. Carry on the reverie.

      Cheers. >_<


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