I end up with a 21 out of 50 in accountancy because..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

..I happen to be so busy doing so many things at every minute I get.


So I suck at fundamentals(Puns unintended) and I have serious doubts as to how am I going to get anywhere with this ruddy subject.I am getting all the flashbacks..When your neighbour gets all the answers correctly within split seconds,and you're innocently gazing around..Hmm.

So Sukhmani decided to come to my rescue.More of a barter actually.I'd daresay I am not an expert in Admission,so she can help me with past adjustments.This friday i.e. tomorrow it's not possible because she has to go shopping and I have to get my hair done (again,incase I go for alumni dinner;which I am yet to be a part of..I will have to attend school after alumni meet,LOL).Saturday after school,both of us have our respective eco class and sunday she has her fete and I again have eco.Monday morning we can't because we have a revision assingment on same,and tuesday I have an extra class.I can't believe I can be so busy?!

So friday night happens to be the alumni dinner which is being hosted by the Old Students Association of the school.Practically the last day of the school is this saturday,yet we are all invited for it,because we paid the alumni membership last year,so there's going to be DJ,live band,food and ofcourse guys allowed inside the holy premises of our building,in the evening,which is a big thing in the history of school.I don't have any one to accompany me with as the couple thing so I was on a lookout for last four days for a potential guy with some peculiar characteristics.I designed an ad for the same,it was a kind of practice for creative writing skills which I feel are dying.

Edits-The whole re-union feel was great.Danced like a maniac and well I was shocked to see the chicness coming from the pass-outs.For once I am feeling proud to be a part of my alma-mater.

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  1. Your humor reminds me of Chandler (Friends?).I love it.
    See,this is the reason you almost flunked A/C!
    Now i'm being all nerdy..!Hope you find 'suitable applicants' for the alumni shit.
    And if i can convince Tahir to stroll along with me,i;m so there! :P

  2. Loved the pic.
    You have SOME talent girl. =)

    But this is agonizingly short. Get to the detail, will you. Please? :)


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