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Sunday, December 14, 2008

I am not hiding on the tehri region of mother nature's glory,and neither am I a survivor of the whole terror shock the country has emerged out.I suck at facts and statistically bombing figures,and moreso with the essence of seriousness.In the light and the bright of this,my absence for a very long time has spelt a void which will be,ultimately,filled by healing time.Enough of this nonsense I'm talking.For the few of you who are aware,about my hand's condition,my arm and wrist to be in consideration and the hectic weekend,it's not a favour I am doing for the pleasure of sweet cynical words I grab with random write-ups around.

  • I.F.
  • came out with this and after the sweet patient wait the result was worth it:-

    As I sit across
    I wonder what a toss
    Hundreds massacred & many scathed
    But alas, we still remain unperturbed
    Babies orphaned, Sons sacrificed
    Still too little for us to stride

    All shattered by & large
    I do not see where we fail?
    Where is the mystic trail?

    Politicians,police or judiciary
    Who's turn is it for us to vilify
    Is it enough! it is just too much!
    Isn't it the umpteenth time we still are acting dunce

    We stand up, we get up
    But at the end we have to shut up
    The days pass & time escapes
    AND our pocket full of patience ends

    They say it will heal
    And we shall again march back to our meals
    We showcase resillience
    And think it's all we need

    The streets are crowded
    And we have all nodded
    That we shall forgive
    And eventually get back to live

    While somethings are harder to refrain
    As they won't ever be the same
    My mind is not free yet
    It still haunts me with memories of the terrorising death

    And again I ask myself
    What took me several days to dwelve
    pouring out to weep,
    Will I be ever able to sleep?
    while boys with hand grenade
    Strand my country to bleed

    Our interactions on this later,but on a personal note,after this whole saga,few things emerged very evidently,as I witnessed the 60 hours layer unfurl,step by step;minute by minute.

    1-Any sort of Terror attack/religious group involvement,particularly Islam,the media coverage is more than the average hype you would usually see on any day.

    2-No room for shame for some,some media houses even went to the extent of interviewing the presumably enough people behind all this.

    3-The Group shows/Chat shows/Public portals/Social Networking sites usually come up with enthusiastic bastardised kids of liberalisation joining them and showing their solidarity towards the issue.

    Come to think of,the country which is bubbly on the nuclear front and anticipating a war any day is welcoming the foreign PM's and under the pretext of deep/serious discussion come out proclaiming,"Pakistan has to see and control terrorism..blah blah".Shut Up.
    The various religious heads of all pilgrims etc(see I am terrible at all this,because I don't believe in research,my dealings end with money at all spheres currently) are in the cocoon shells not in a state of dealing with the never-been-more-deserving angst from the common people of the state.Free spiritedness and resillience is another word for susbstituting the alternate for bullshit in the dictionary in government's pocket.Can anyone do anything?No,we live in a rational world,with rational president,rational people with irrational thoughts,no Superman,Spiderman,Dark Knight to come and fight the problem amongst a heap of them.

    Pollution,Global Warming, Coral reefs, Terrorism, Anorexia, A.I.D.S., Myloma, Hypertension, Diabetes, Board Exams, SAT, Family, Financial, Recession, Depression, Theft, Dishonesty, Lies, Decieving-all cause misery at different levels,the pain is tangible in few and realised in some.Solution to some,thinking to few.

    "Typical question,very,very,very important{stereotype} answer,most expected boards 12--(some A.D.)",

    The Politicians are bigger suckers than the people themselves,they do shit to others and on the public's vote-bank and money they survive.The Rich and the young and the hopeless emit sparks of hatred which is justified and hence begins the whole series of candle light marches,posters on anti-terrorism-nation love unified campaign groups etc. where half the world joins because their friend sent them the request and some because it's cool enough to show.New flick's released,good it's a bomb ,great if it sells.Just anything to attract attention and divert it..even better.People live on,nothing stops.A week, a month, an year, decade maybe,is what it takes for everyone to forget and start on again.A month of frisking security on the international airports,a week of hatred towards government,a lifetime of brain moulded by the scene with anti-muslim/any other religious sect involved and it continues again.Some lose their life,others move on,migrate.

    "Good,well composed and fully structured answer can easily fetch you full,10 points from the examiner and since you are not aware where this might land,you don't want any risks, now do you?"

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    1. Okay, now for this a comment isn’t good enough. I’ll be out with something more soon.

      By the by, I read another one on this which I quite liked. I’ll send you the link.

      And the wrap up couldn’t have been better. Goes with my aggravation. Good.


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