Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The past few days have been so slow in terms of school that I could actually see the grass/hair/nails growing.The amount of guess work which went into the whole scene to determine the fun factor ruined the whole scenario.From my point of view,the week which has gone has been the most awful so far.First all our lessons have been cancelled and when the two classes are being merged,we have the very stereotyped thing in our mind,old friends,practically together through the day,unlimited fricking and talking.None of it happened,rather it was gloomy and depressing.Same note was carried at home as well.From room-school-room,my routine's back to same and I am glad for the rest of it.These occasions at school require some amount of excitement and cheer in the air,which is not to be expected and neither contributed from the 12 graders.Sadly the authorities fail to understand this.The function will witness me welcoming the chief guest(morning show) and decore (evening show).Don't expect me to advertise stuff here,because only Parents are invited,strict checking if they spot someone who bears an uncanny resemblance to a disturbed creature called student.All of us are so irritated with one another that we're maintaining distances,flying fuck and tempers rising;it's all so fast and no cure for the same.Unfortunate thing that's added,someone was animatedly talking while I was making an attempt to get out of the classroom,and bang,Miss anorexic's hand on my lip.My pout's been totally disfigured and seems as though blood might trickle out any minute,add to the ugly scar it'll leave as a memory,(the anticipated one's).No one's been kind enough to notice such an impressionable mark on my face and this is another reason why I don't wish to speak to everyone around.My mother has formed her opinion over my blogging.She feels I wasting far too much time blogging at every second of the day and I'm writing about her(yes,I am doing it delibrately now.).Also the way life's taking a course,it seems impossible to get into any college leave alone decent.Bass playing is like only activity in the last two days which is keeping me closer to sanity,alone all these swollen fingers help me aim, something.

Friends at the end are pet-peeved and are responsible for some amount of my worst mood swings ever.These swings are constantly urging for improvisation(pun unintended,though I think it appears smart;),as much as I hate to admit,I am watching chick-flicks to get over this phase but all the things in the world are just collaborating to piss me off in the most gorgeous way possible.Every little word,coming from horse's mouth sounds so disgracefull that it makes me want to throw up.Very short-depressing-vent-a-thon post.Perhaps my most dissappointing so far,or maybe the future sees the worst.But after two days the future will be past.Hoping all the narcissism in the highest optimistic note with a cynical view.

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  1. Aw. I see yer ‘looking forward to’ backfired.

    And please provide me with a thorough coherent reason for why weren’t students invited. -X-

    To your unfortunate Swelling, let me add- I broke my nose(some certain part of its membrane specifically) recently. Went into the water (A Payyambalam beach of, it was.) We were near around ten people in 4'(shallow?) water when an unexpected surge of wave sent a skinny one onto me and -Kaboom! Out of the Red, i rose. My poor nose. :(

    Also, came a blatant comment from one of those F(R)IENDS- Iski toh aise photo kheechne chahiye yaaaar!

    Me, poor me. :(

  2. dude give that picture please,I'll sing,"I am a lil tea pot!".


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