Falling from cliff

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Having a glance at the table calender(ofcourse after flipping from U2 to Bon Jovi this month),it's occuring to me that, I am only a month away from Mock's or as they are lovingly referred as ,"Pre-pre-boards".Another less significant thing which is being added to the fact ,I have'nt bothered opening any of my texts after september.I have taken the longest possible break from my bass.My claws have healed as though nothing's ever happened.My wrists and plucking hand's fingers are almost normal.I reckon bass pain should continue from tonight again.On a personal note,playing bass in the labyrinth of a place with the only background score of a dog's bark is very discouraging.This reminds me of any fricking class room scene.The set-up is perfect,you aim for improvising yet you are never encouraged.Just one more exam and you fail.Yeah it's wierd how similarities are drawn,but the conclusion of all this is very apparent,I need someone to jam with and it must happen soon.It's a two way lost battle.My mother informs me,she believes in her strenghths and perhaps,she needs no one to set me normal.I have to be studying and playing bass and I am doing none of the aforementioned.Which brings me to the second lead,what is keeping me so occupied?

My wine escapade was something I don't wish to elaborate here.It's not a blog thing though it was quite some experience.More stuff to do but no more of reaching as far as talking about any of it.Amongst the more content-oriented events that occured,this Media-house covered the Diwali scene around my neighbourhood and for some of you may claim,I got lucky as I was LIVE and stuff ,for the entire country to see me petrified holding some cracker,(stuffed by my neighbour forcefully) and the camera guy rolling on my terrified face.I was completely convinced that no one would catch me doing all of it,but next day at school,one of my classmates confired that she is not myopic and that she saw me one of these days.Look at from another end,something to hype about,well not for me.

Exactly for one reason again,the last annual function at school.All this while we've been told again and again,"Important day-Give-back time to schol,Imagine as a kid you worked so hard" etc,and we seem to draw back our names from "As you like it",by Shakespeare.Funnily enough Homie was designated to be my servant and I -the master.But as it came close,we drifted and finally are just lazing in the basking glory of sun in the corridors.Ah,I don't get the thing with this place.It cheers m up instantly-like no other thing.The view from my corner in the corridor is just magnificent and specially these days,when we are relaxing up,it's doing a two fold job.Not only it's a great stress buster to sit and argue for the sake of doing something active and also it's the few cherished memories from this place I might carry on with.One of these days when the music's loud enough to beat the shit out of any deaf person,the speaker is maginificently placed in the same diretion where I choose to divulge.It's more often that I am in trance whenever I am there.

This friday we witnessed something that none of us would thought that'd ever happen.Two classes were merged and the empty classroom was reserved as the store room for the props we'll be creating with the other section.Now coming to the other section,it happens to be Science.That interprets,all of us and the Science students are going to be thrust in our classroom and the other class is just kept for the main artist to construct her ideas to material things.It's beyond description,how gorgeous it gets with people you're meeting after two years,all the more because you can sit in the same place without thinking twice,the next teacher might enter and disperse you to your respective classrooms.Add to all this glory,we're allowed to work in the corridors till friday,which makes up for most of things we've been kept at bay in the past.All sins forgiven,making up for the most this week with friends,and socially inactive at the academic front,have to catch up on that as well.I have never looked forward to school like this before.Atleast for the coming one week.It will be back on the trodden path,ofcourse after all this.

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  1. Must be great sitting with the pally's after 2 years! :D
    So..annual function stuff on full swing hun? Hope i can make it!
    And i love ur title.."Falling from cliff"!....the fall is sooo near..! :(
    Pre-pre boards are here dude..!
    Neway,wassup with ya?

  2. I saw two words there. I think they were- WINE ESCAPADE?

    And ahahaha- TeeVee and all eh? Headlines ‘KHUSHI KI PHULJHADI’?

  3. Umm well yes,you're without specs but you read correctly. Wine can be hard too ;)
    I wasn't really the phuljadi that day though.


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