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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A welcome back to me and a big teddy bear hug to all the 9 and quarter non-existent people still looking for something here.I took a comparitively longer vacation than ever,you know..Afterall me and the divine company of school course books hardly get any time together.Basically if your negatively charged IQ hasnt interpreted the above,let me get to you in few words..I Had my not terminally ill,but the Half Yearly Torture.

Now this might cross your mind,atleast for once.."OMFG,She was actually Studying so hard that she didnt go online for days and basically went in isolation" dear are WRONG...I pretty much did everything,played bass,went shopping,played bass,went shopping,saw flicks,developed new allergy to mushrooms[Pity!],yeah everything you can dream of..including a negative balance in my cell and yeah played bass..but ofcourse.I had exams and I didnt bother coming online.

So If you've managed to skip the above paragraph and straight away landed here you'd want to know what you've missed..Say I didnt study..Yes shamelessly enough,day after my birthday,i.e. a few days [5 maybe] before my pre-pre-pre boards me and AnaBee decided to hit the mall after several pathetic attempts.It should be known to general public that it was meant for all my friends but due to their TIGHT schedules and a 13124387 classes on the same day,only she managed to save some heroic time and thus we plunged on to the battle together..

Once we reached there and did all the regular crazy things,window shopping,screaming at the sight of CK ,Ed-Hardy etc the bomb blasts took place and thus we started to get frantic calls from kin and foes and perhaps everyone and Aye-Same-Ass's from people to enquire whether we had managed to make them rich enough by getting them 50000 if we were injured or had survived this shopping trip.Unfortunately we had not shopped for as much as we'd wanted.And Shamelessly we even gorged on Zinger and headed back in the auto..Yes the auto ride is a story in its own but I shall promise to write a separate blog soon.

Yeah so coming back..basically I was pretty much confined to my books and bass for the rest week and I survived on few words after each exam..The junior who sat next to me:-(after its over)

Exam 1 (Hindi)

Juni-Hmm how was it?
Me- err Crap.

Exam 2 (english)

Juni-How was it?

Exam 3 (economics)

Juni-Was It easy?
Me-*didnt utter a word*

Exam 4 (accountancy)

Juni-How was it *sniggers*

Exam 5 (business studies)

Me- *Snore*
Juni- excuse me are you alive?

So by now you must be aware of how they'd all were and How far do I go studying..Speaking of which last two exams were a memory in their own,specially business.The exam was based on the sighting of moon for us..So it either meant celebrating Eid or Having a "Jagran" whole night.The moon chose the latter ,Thus 12 hours prior to the exam we realize WE have an exam and have to study.After completing my course by 2:35 am i went to sleep and was found muttering some vague Scientific Theory of Management in Bed at 6 am.Hmm the question paper was extraordinarily lenghty and indirect but nonetheless and I had to pinch /throw water /put matchsticks on my eyes to stay awake..I almost slept in the second hour till I realized I am left with 1o questions and 45 minutes..That's when i geared up and completed my exam.Then I hit the bed for comfortable 3 hours and gorged on to some deliciously cooked noodles :) and then slept again and finally at your disposal reciting mt tale of agony and irregularity.Also I went to the Vodafone Music Sale and Boy-O-Boy purchased some 21+(3*3) CD's..All for the alternative cost of failing accountancy not soon before long.

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  1. I like the pace of the blog and the thought content. It was not verbosis and moved quite effortlessly into to explain your chaotic state of mind. Great job girl. I love it

  2. Alas...The shit exams are over! :)
    Love ur g'pa man...and i borrowing the cd's and yah..i do love pink floyd!
    These half yearly's sure are a torture dude!
    Well..peace now..!:)

  3. Now That's a relief I say..Someone likes the thought content,I am fairly Glad :)..And Amy any day girl..Just name it and you shall have it..any CD you lay your hand on..and yes..I totally adore my Grandpa..He is someone I really LIKE big time..! and Exams sucked big time..I'm just wondering if you got something in 70's what will be my future like??

  4. hey , i read that u hv interned with ndtv metronation.....even i want to do that can u plz forward the concerned person email address or the way u got the call for internship?

  5. hey , i read on ur blog that u hv interned with ndtv metronation ...can u plz guide me as to how u got a call from them or the concerned person's email id?

  6. hey i read somewhere about ur internship with ndtv metronation...can u guide about how u managed to get a call from them or forward the concerned person's email id ?


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