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Friday, October 24, 2008

I've tried it.Been there-Read stuff which made me feel I'm Kindergarten.Done that-tried every possible way/method to construct my thoughts/behaviour to be serious.Bought the T-shirt-heck!The Kid in me refuse to die.My dignity tells me no(stop this nonsense) and my friends and well-wishers also advice the same.However I personally advocate,stupidities to anyone who is interested to hear my cynical rantings.I have to monitor and censor whatever I mention here,since the virtual stalkers or bloggers are keen to know what am I upto and the intellects aren't bothered.So far so good.

More than half a million people know already that I was to play Bass for my assembly [the very last time,yes]and I was trying and doing my level best to play Zombie{Cranberries} and Bohemian Rhapsody{Queen}.It was supposingly after Diwali,but the scene was altogether different.Monday morning greens[Blues is so bright for the gloomy,dull school] and announcement on the mic,
"...The class should know that it's their assembly today,Class XII-Commerce,please do the needfull and conduct the assembly,It was already announced that this week you were alloted the stage."
..,"screw it dude,Like OUR assembly?? Wasn't it science after humanities?Ruddy losers".. Blah Blah Blah..
Routine stuff,I joined the line late than the designated time,and saw my classmates fumbling the prayer song and without any fancy content,rather none,ended the assembly.The hath and fury followed.It was proclaimed by the C.T. in which order we were suppose to handle the rest of the week,choosing any thing under the sky for the Infamous assembly,being our last time on stage.
Next day it was some special topic,for some celebration for the "International Day for the Elders by the U.N." and it was hillarious.The skit showed self-realization of a couple towards their elderly parents within 15 seconds and the whole school cracked up.The day passed,everyone played cards,kho-kho,climbed the window and some insane stuff,meanwhile I was trying to co-ordinate the whole assembly scene for next day.As android people can get,the 12 grade effect,no one gave half a flying fuck about it and as a badge holder(read: responsibilty fucking on your head,you're so dead) I planned to get the entire chain-introduction-thought for the day-article-conclusion- and gave the news byte to another friend.The topic I worked on was well out of reach of teachers leave alone any student.My first and foremost idea about the whole thing was that :-
a- You're in 12 grade,supposingly the senior most class or rather what the call end of a new beginning.
b-The topics like Honesty,Charity,and some virtues with "ty's" attached are so repeated and you should make the history and again some moral lecture,as my pally's say.
So coming back,the topic was Causality and Divinity in retrospect with Life.
On the "D" day,I reached early by 5 minutes and found another group from class having the whole scene prepared,well came to conclusion that they can carry forward this new topic for next day and we'd continue with my stuff.Bell rang and we automatically descended the stage.With all of them on stage and the school marching,I was being restless and repeated,"Guys,It's Causality and not Casuality,keep in mind", but then we were punished for not doing the homework.The introduction was 1 page long,which is suppose to be for just a line.Then the masterpiece,the prayer song,I insisted on singing the school song ,for the love of alma-mater and then shit happened.The lead singer signalled,"One,two ,three.. The bells of ....(first line is alright,coming to second)
We hear you repeating(half the group sings this)
Ring out far and Wide(rest half does this,I'm in this group)",Silence takes over by and eruption of laughter.All of us on stage,discontinued the prayer and laughing like retards on the stage.Shamelessly if all of a sudden we have a memory lapse,why is the rest of the school following the suit???They could've continued without us but no,they stopped miraculously and gaped till we started again.During the main prayer I kept telling the lass who was to do the thought.Cleared everything for her,and she goes and starts..,
"Good morning,today's thought for the day...Casuality.." till the whole school sleeps and well more dreamy eyed people pass comments,"abey *^&%^#$ Thought hai ya article"..??
Coming back,my article..so can compare it with the following.Lot of similarity.

"For men may come,
and men may go.
But I go on forever"

yes it went on,till the school slept,the juniors died,my buddies cursed..
"abey khatam hi nai ho raha ."
Crap,the only thing normal was National Anthem and thus was the glorious end of that experience.
A little birdie informs me that C.T. went insane during her class."No quality",her last words.

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  1. hehehe..d assembly ws fun..wnt eva 4gt it! lol

  2. bt i must say..mahn..u r 2 gr8 4 my wrds f appreciation!
    really..d way u spoke ws outstanding...i din sleep though bt it ws amazing..wid exactly d ryt amnt f attitude!
    2 gud..

  3. Zombie{Cranberries} and Bohemian Rhapsody{Queen} !

    *resumes the ‘alive’ state for a moment*

    Causality and Divinity in retrospect with Life.
    *dies totally*

    *continues ROFL in heaven* 0:-)


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