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Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Anisha,

Today was a great day!Your Sis did manage to complete her computer homework for the first time in three years.We finally managed to get the dog over his itch problem and Mahin looked adorable in his new short crop.Oh and yes, amongst the more "insignificant" matters of you turning 17.

17 is a great age.At 1-7 many magnificent things happen.At 17 people sing Birthday songs and add Phrases like,"May ***** **** screw you,Many Dopeys Kiss you.." erm,Alexander the Great started shaving and Anna Kournikova started Shaving and losing hair...I seem to have lost my chain of thought,but then again its not like I'm 17,you know!

Okay,Here's what I'm trying to say-experience is the mother of all philosophy.Since I've been there,done that,let me give you a list of dos and dont's that come with the territory.Believe me I have no clue of all this,but sweet 16 was worth it and taken from that,SnobO's Sober 17 should be succedding from where we've left.Like any other supermodel I've outgrown that 16 and a half,stage.Until my 16 year and two months and 14 days I saw on the hospital file when I underwent and X-Ray.

First and Foremost Dont be Gloomy.17 is too young to be mature and ANTICIPATE your day from three months before like you did when you were 2 years old.After the most important day in your life,That's your Birthday comes in Gandhi Jayanti and Republic Day and Mother's Day etc.

Next,do not,I repeat,Never say no to any gift.Those who say we do not want any gift,is absolute shit.I ruined the perfect opportunity and that my friend is a lesson learnt.At some point you'd be forced to take the cake to school but you know what,they planned a perfect surprise for you and yet you got the cake so basically it was confusing yet stunningly refreshing..I simply love you guys to death and you mean the world to me..Punj,Gee-Gee,Noaina,Shikha,Baniya..I have no words to thank you for the gift ..It was so emo for me..

Lastly avoid new friends.It was the most beautiful moment when Bam-Bam wished me and we gossiped till 1 am till her mum dropped in.Remember suplus is as much problem as scarcity.We learnt that lesson on Sweet 16 treat when there were around 10 party crashers.If you dont believe me just look at Himesh Reshamiya's hair! Gaining friends is easy,but getting rid of them often takes a lifetime,sometimes more.

Oh yes,go easy on the body hygiene-teeth,hair,breath,skin glow.They are all their best now,so dont fret over them,Save that for your 36th Birthday.

Have a Great Birthday Anisha and Cheer up.Remember you have only one more year of looking like an adult and yet behaving like an infant.That is unless you choose Politics or Teaching as your career path.And dont mourn if you didnt have new clothes or anything.You had friends and family who made it up for that and treated you like the "Egyptian Princess".


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  1. Amanat quoting siamese..
    "You know.i feel so weird,i dont even want my birthday to come,i've refused my folks about any gifts..blah blah blah"

    pure shit that was..hahaha...so sober 17 or sexy 17 hun??
    Awsum yaar..buddies did live up to the expectations then..
    my blog would be updated on sunday..thats when the big bash is!!:)

    Lots of love and 'frAndship' c/d..!!

  2. Lol ..No i mean i still didnt have much to do than receiving like 10000 calls and smses
    so basically my friends made it :) siamese same sweet ,sexy 17 wishes to you!


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