The Age of Reason

Monday, September 01, 2008

A popular track from the band "Queen" in the 1975 called Bohemian Rhapsody goes like:

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality
Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and see,
I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy

Perhaps the songwriter,Freddie Mercury seemed to perfectly love his then fantasies or rather he chose to believe in them?The cause of the piece is utterly nonsenusal.I'm sitting in a perfectly comfortable space.There is total calmness which surrounds like a warm blanket,heavily covering the air.There is practically not a reason that I should be up and harping on like this.But what is it that breaks the ultimate barrier or the Line of Control between Reality and the mystical world of Fantasy? What is it that forces all of us in the citizenship of make-believe world of escapism,where the world is curled in your head,according to your customised design.Symetrically well placed,artistically completed and the finishing leading to brink of insanity.

Referring to the short story by A.R. Barton,"Going Places",where a teenaged girl has unrealistic dreams for herself and in order to gain some attention of her otherwise "Introvert" brother she chooses to mask behind the reality and the fantasy world.She dreams about a date and very poignantly as the story continues,waits for the sport prodigy,the athletic "Daney Casey" to arrive and sweep her off her feet in a "Mills and Boons" style.Her father,in a crude and blunt manner tries to reveal the reality to her elder brother,but he too is blinded by the fantasy,and refuses to listen to him.The end is almost let open for the readers as she continues in her world,the same meet,with the star,and refuses to see the reality which would not only bring her down in the eyes of her inspiration,her elder sibling and concludes in shattering her dream.

One would argue,that the protagonist,"Sophie" is suffering from the "alter ego" which might have developed in the later stage of her life,but as a point of view taken of a thirteen year old,which is never considered,the closer look shows how the goals from the futuristic dream might be set and they maybe able to aim and achieve in the same context.Hypothetically one might as well see a significant change in the grades too but the society is too rigid to seem that way.The "High" and the "unrealistic" force would bind and abide by the common brain which would throw the person in the same area of life.

Perhaps it is the effect of excess of Jean-Paul Sartre with a punch of english course book it seems.

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