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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unit's got over.They went bad.Goldhawk wished me luck to score highest in english and incase you are aware of the effect of goldhawk's Comments in my life then you'd know that I DID NOT.Scored Horrendous 20 and did the same mistakes like the minions in class.Bitch..So did my liking for pessimistic stuff.Hope to see myself back from regular "Bore" entries which is read by 1.75 homo sapien around.Previous entry was Loony and not gorgeous.This was proved in a theorem manner by the no. of people who went ahead reading.Tickets were not available for my backpacking trip and I am not getting a merit in school by Delhi's Mayor tomorrow.Some unwanted elements from school have got into reading my blog.MCH.
So in order to cheer up and see the Half Full side of choco-pie,I am launching into another list,which is not necessarily in order in anticipation of my Birthday.The lucky few who can contribute here are the ones who get invited so shoo off if you are not lucky enough to be invited.

1- The very first Phone call to wish me by Vishi/BamBam[Bff].Either of 'em.

2- A Birthday Party organised by Motherjane.

3- A Good[read Phenomenal] Bassist to help me instruct the basics and the correct way of playing and all that jazz.

4- Admission in the desired college of my choice which is Impossible.yesno?

5- Louis Vuitton Bag/Kipling backpack.

6- Sneakers from Reebok Fish Fry Collection.

7- Sesame seed Chicken roll and kakori kebab.[Right Now!]

8- Sex and the City,Juno,Darjeeling Limited,The Dark Knight's DVD.

9- Haute Cotour.

10- Rs.4231685 Voucher or similar redeemable at Planet M.

11- Special Edition Kurt Cobain Chucks

12- My Lost Luck.

13- A little higher percentile in the upcoming exams.

14- An Intern with JLT/Femina Girl/Hindustan Times/NDTV.Not necessariliy in order.

15- Some High end stuff from MAC.Even Colorbar would do.

16- Button Badges from Punk/USI/Metal.

17- Calvin Klein's Eternity.

18-[For Good Luck] Iphone/Motorazr Dolce Gabbana Edition V2.

19- Black Notebook.

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  1. basically life sucks hun! come no updates on your new 'bass teacher'!:p

  2. Well my new or the first rather "bass teacher" is like.. well phenomenal..and well no updates cuz it hasnt started ,[the lessons! DUH!!] and moreover why should there be any updates about my "bass teacher"..ask updates about my Bass..:P


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