Chocolate Mousse Cake

Friday, August 29, 2008

The nutshell was disgusting,it was destroyed by the collective action of humidity,and was topped with excess black pepper.I let my hair open today while devoting far too much time styling than usual.Inappropriate for the alter ego in action.Devised a time-table which is perhaps,decorating the study,been doing Bad at school.Almost glued to the notebook for the longest 6 hours going through blogs and bass technicalties.Grades have been at an all time alarming low for the units,which is why I am caffeinated.Folks are majorly peeved.I'm just slacking my responsibilities (sic) now that I will be 17.Deep within I am aware how time is flying,and I am just not working for the sake of it.Avoiding books and other things and refusing to accept the reality.Book Fair will be on starting from tomorrow.School was shut due to some riots to Catholic Institutions and related sect.Instead the option is to fill up the day by calling us tomorrow*blech*.as if I am going!.

Had a Bass lesson on tuesday,or should I lament that I almost fractured my rib cage and to utilize the day taken off in a preposturous way I went for my "Basic Bass Class" to sum up.Holy Cow,It was the most beautiful lesson I've ever had in life for anything worth that.Or rather the bassist taught me with all the heart and soul in place.Yeah,I was clumsy,understood the notes in third attempt but utterly magnificent this instrument,Bass I say.Theory for the aforementioned is almost taught(that's what errm I think) but dunno if the *mr-bassist* could devote more time*sighs* since he is to leave aboard for some student exchange thingumajib to the Land of The Rising Sun within a week,and to say that he is busy packing?gigging and other stuff,so basically till christmas(that's when he'll be back) I reckon we wont have any class.Otherwise I am religiously practicing majors and the notes(A,A#,B,C,C#,D,D#,E,F,F#,G,G#) on the fret board.Got problems adjusting pinky,which the man predicted will soon succeed to blisters.It hurts though but the most amazing feel in the gut takes place ,making me reach to the farthest level of ecstacy.On a slightly different edge I have never seen a more Fucking Amazing room than his..I'd truly kill to possess a room like that! Damn! and the Double Bass which was Spectacular in sight.And did I say that he plays even better than what is being inn circulation,like the slapping(if that's what its called.) and the effort less moves on the bass is worth two birds/choco-pie's in both hands,Yeah so basically I witnessed the most amazing Real Life bass playing on the same day,Suckers!So much that I've been invited for all their gigs and the one at this... for brunch this sunday too.

I dont have Pally's anymore.All for what I believed they loathe me.Turns out that they not only hate me in the most guiltless manner but also treat me with Zero-Respect,but as if I say kiss your ass.People in my class[read people who try and put their filthy feet in my converse,Thank You very much!] are being friendly again,which is depressing.All those careless songs they try and sing with me in an attempt to barge out of boredom is ridiculous.Or else they wanna talk about "their respective sizes",Saree for farewell,guys,under-arm hair,guys,Arrrhgghhh!!!I have scheduled and almost next to controlled my life for the next eight weeks.Tight ass hard working needs to be improvised.Asap.

Btw Plan: Follow the Batti Bandh people and Switch off all the electricity,i.e. no usage of any electric appliance including lights and all on 15 december 2008.Yes I still Love Chocopie slightly delictable, though.

Will soon miss all those Long,luxurious days of freaking with buddies,singing aimlessly in thin air,shamelessly long conversations on phone at the dead of the night,reading stuff in newspaper and magazines by favourite writers[Read:Sushmita Bose,AnO,Raddy,Kanika Gupta,Karishma,Sally Brompton etc,all the internships,Music at large,Carefree and youthful affaire at 16 is approaching to the end..

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  1. Good girl in fact very good. It is simplistic not verbosis. Got some good depth and heart felt. Keep it up. Get out of those big words and write from your heart not head. Good work


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