Bass Love

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dearest Bass,

I really wanted to address you as "Dear Love" but then it struck me,if at all someone finds this piece by any chance,they'd believe I am crazy in Love with you.Its not hidden from anyone that I desired you for the longest 4 years of my life.I wanted to hold you,feel you in my arms,my fingers waiting to caress you,fondle the strings.Human can never understand the difference between desire,want and requirement,I personally had a tough time with my thoughts about you in this context.Now that I have you,I feel I have everything in the world.My ultimate aim of living is fulfilled.
You arrived in my world in the most unexpected time,I had not anticipated you then,but when you came,My world gave you the tighest hug,the most amazing feel of compassion was realized.I have not loved anything more than you and trust me,no matter how hard our journey seems,how much you hurt me I shall always be with you.I pledge my lifelong devotion to hold you in my arms till the rest of life.
With a new identity,I begin a new journey.A journey to seek freedom,Peace and Love with you alongwith my thoughts,which I wont clutter.I move on with my literrati hand carrying my bass in the left.My fingers have another mission to accomplish now.Alonside I wont hesitate in seeking help whenever required to counsel our relation.
May Our Love never end..

Ps- Thanks to a certain Mr Phenomenal Double Bassist who is taking immense pleasure and trouble[perhaps?] to help me in this ordeal and give me all the necessary first advice.And that person is NOT Rohan Kale.

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