Homework snails and puppy dog tails

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Its been a week school's reopened.Already went out thrice while trying to type second sentence,3 phone calls and 2 door bells.Mom's ready to kill me if its the local vendor who is going gaga over the telemarket iron,this time ,for disturbing her during her afternoon siesta is the biggest crime since flaunting earring in the second ear lob in school.Went to class at 2:40 pm,pratically just had 10 minutes to change and finish maggi with other alternative of tinda[sic].Had fever and terrible bitch cough which was unmanageable and had to take two days off in the previous week.Sleeping around 1 am every night after completing the huge heap of various homeworks[How Ofcourse!] is a part of my routine.Got 3 books issued from school library under various names but have pending 584 questions in economics and 27 questions in accounts,submitted by tomorrow.Its still raining outside which will make it impossible to stand the stink from hair,odour,and fart bombs in class.People still are impossible in my workplace.

So I am suppose to be a sunshine face[if at you remember me in red tshirt with blue dungarees in denim,dancing on "Have you got a sunshine smile" in our first annual day in kindergarten],Though this is nearly impossible to do ,hmmm .

Needles and Pins;Needles and Pins
When a Man enters 12,trouble begins

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  1. Good job. for a change no flowery words and very clear thought process. Simple but hard hitting. I like this kind of writing. Keep it up

  2. ohh...so dts the reason i havnt been able to reach u!!msg me sumtym..

  3. Oh thank you soooo much!!![all excitement is visible with extra "o"'s lol!!! Well all the pending work made me impossible to lay the deep flowery thoughts while typing!!


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