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Friday, July 18, 2008

This page has been blank since the last 60 minutes.Least of all I have paused.Taken a major leap,a halt, a jump from the regular self,mane activities.The struggle to get a way with folks,family,friends,school and all around has constantly nudged me to the brink of acquiring moronic identity.For the past 2 weeks at school,I eavesdropped,heard,kicked,joined in few such conversations which could put my silly brain and constipated mind to death sleep.I have seen it all,the long and loud fake accents scented with platic stained teeth and twisted grammar.All at large.Dissappointed by the age limit at the Pub Rock Fest thing,Gits declared that i need a psychiatrist at the latest,for the facts that :-
a-I danced to Billo Rani.
b-I hummed and despite of several failed attempts I continued with Billo Rani during Accounts.
c-I enjoyed the cliched and over-hyped, Half-Naked Imran Khan on screen.
d-I will be getting a whooping zero in "admission of a partner" test.

The over-do of consuming chocolates,gave the initial sugar rush ,but alas,not for long..I yet again Hate Chocolates,and everything Chocolate,Including is like this economics concept,good lord!..perhaps with a difference that I dont quite remember the concept's name which has this thing,that when a commodity is consumed,the first unit gives the maximum satisfaction and go on and on,till a certain level and thereafter,that commodity will give you lesser satisfaction and the satisfaction can go on till zero and even in minus.Please bear with this poor memory,its inherited from the hundred generations amongst my herd.When I can proudly boast that I dont even know the person's name,who sits in my neighbouring row in class and that during regular intervals I wishfully keep pointing her to dispose all the wrappers and stationery waste in dustbin and not in the desk.I also need to rush past my syllabus in economics which needs all the attention in the world,primarily because we are scheduled for the next Unit's in less than two weeks time and that entire micro is our syllabus.

On a lighter note,upon constant fights with my deep intricate thoughts,I still Loathe the people in my class besides a few other,exceptions which reside outside the political hub of a place in school.I have lost the count of the days left and besides that,either ways if I make out of that place I should be happier anyways.The week's been terrible,for once,because I had this gorgeous subject to discuss in my blog and I am left describing my routine but alas,I can expect some lovely comments here.Its some old proverb ,which interprets that people enjoy to see others in dillema.Hmmm.Our very sophisticated language teacher has joined my league.She has totally refused to teach our class of dunderheads and she wishes to change our language from English Core to Hindi core.Idiotic acts are beyond any description and competetion around.One of the answers that was read aloud by Languagetti went this way,
"Mukesh was a poor boy.He wanted to be a motor mechanic.He visited the garbage every day."
Incase you Intelligence has deceived you at this junction let me clear the mess for you,Garbage ,was actually Garage[excuse the puns]..Some Nerdy of a kid wrote this answer and circulated in the entire class for sundry to copy.All of them happened to be so indigenious,they all noted the same answer ,with faulty grammar and prerequisite local band spellings,which infuriated her and was totally put off.During the second try,we were asked what can be done to curb this situation,or why do we practice and follow english?My answer to this was apparent and obvious,that being bilingual is any day better and had an edge over others and in the presentation of these facts,one very gifted brain,interjected,in a intellectual fashion,shoplifted from me again,
"...At the end of the day,[giving the pause and perfect emphasis on the word "day" like the person's been examining from the time I entered the holy world] its initiative and practice that matters."
.I could see her frustration,my english teacher's i.e.The person who has taught and been inspiration to a person of the art industry like Ritu Berry,[who is the alumnus of Brutus's] in all her interviews about school praised our teacher always,'tis is like a rude shock,it is evident,Our class is a bunch of slackers,binded in a fashion where if a certain clique does something and everyone pays for it.There is no denying fact that we dont have talent amongst them.Some of them Over-act like ,if they are deprived of a certain fact by the teacher,they'd die of Diarrohea or maybe piles;some like to come clean with hush comments while rest follow the suit and doze off.It is impossible for my sake of mental metal and dignity to sit with these heads at all times of the day,be a part of a class,a way of life,your name included as a class,with their respective ideaoligies.Ignorance is bliss ,their motto.Perhaps not all but definitely the majority and majority is authority.Scene's pretty ugly with pally's in school.Some plan to bunk their classes and catch up with the others for the Bushy Eyebrow's debut,while the other plan to attend the linguistically challenged flick and rest are engrossed in bitching.Et tu Brute?

Besides school and the unending homework,few rules have been added to the list and imposed mercilessly again,which includes ,compulsion of school socks which are nylon,and super sucky uncomfy.In all likelihood I sha'nt wear them along with the addition to stick to a chemise like thing.In the compoulsory chart making competition,almost each person suspected that I was high on Vodka,heha,but the end result was worth a praise.Chart we did,"A thing of beauty" by Keats,carved it on chart with crayons.People beyond imagination came for a glance,I personally contributed maximum to the idea and named it,"Kale Jahan se Acha-A tribute to Rohan Kale"[I will not crack more! Promise,I am high on Tea!].Last weekend was little relaxing and unwinding and resulted in the most disastrous way possible,the test which has put me to depression and another debate that accounts is too tough to manage and suicidal tendencies arose quite soon.Met Crunk Motherjane and Goldhawk ,and had the time you cant even imagine! It was a riot and act of another world.Caught up with Janius again ,yesterday,on the occasion of 18 birthday,wondering what to gift;

Discovered my bit of lost luck in fuck whilst my mall-hopping in this little art haven of music,art,books and coffee.Picked up Megadeth,and some more CD's and Sheldon's,"Windmills of God".Was as always running short of green,this time be 100.Folks simply refused more loan and couldnt stoop to begging,its against my ego and call it self respect.While I headed towards the rack to keep the book,two salesmen approached and checked if I had no hassles in participating on the spot in a one-question quiz.As it happened,they asked me to name any three books by Shobha De. As vanilla essence cheese cake,I did,and won a 100 bucks gift voucher,which I could redeem anywhere in the place! Joy,it was all too good to happen.Like I didnt deserve that joy to linger on.

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  1. Nice post , lol the garbage thing was funny ..& hey winning 100 bucks just when you need it is like so damn cool !!

    You write really well.
    Stupendous !

  2. It's called marginal utility..LOL..the eco concept that the first thing gives us the maximum satisfaction! :P
    yeah..ill acknowledge u as soon as i get my hands on that song!
    btw..chahat is in ur tuition na???

  3. He visited the GARBAGE everyday???
    *stunned beyond measure*!

  4. @ -n- Thanks for all that praise..Lol dunno If I am worth all that or not! yes I cant get over the joy of 100 bucks,but they overcharged me by 50 bucks on total bill,which I realized when I had left that place,so I again had to rush,explain moron alter ego of cashier and got it redeemed ;)
    @ Amanat-Ohhhh Yes,Marginal utility..How I keep on saying that all the time of the day! yea dont forget that acknowledgement,yes Chahat's in the same tuition,with me.why? Garbage,is my reply to everybody's notebook..[puns intended]

  5. "Mukesh was a poor boy.He wanted to be a motor mechanic.He visited the garbage every day."

    Alright, now I have to HAVE TO commend teh Languagetti’s presence of mind!
    By the way, is there any way you could let me know if the garbage was a scented one or a nonsense-ented one? Hail! The rosy bloom. =)

    ►The Teach wants to go the Hindi way? o_O YOU’re tutoring the Teach? Please do.

    ►The linguistically challenged flick is a.. *yuhoo-s* FLOP! Lordy, for that.

    ►Btw, if Vodka can do THAT, get ‘us’ some. ‘We’ need it real bad.. not to forget, some inspiration.

    ►And- Aye danke , for the mention :)

    Shall keep my right eye on this one :D

  6. Goldhawk,first lemme lay my hands on the divine syrup then only I shall pass it on ! Hhahaaahahaa I just cant teach the teach ,she is terrific to hold and reach ! and I have problems in reading..Somebody was complaining that they could'nt catch the flop "linguistically challenged flick" aye!
    I shall keep mentioning you in my dear bloggie;for some good deeds;)


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