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Friday, June 27, 2008

Essentially vacations,have to be concluded by answering the where-did-you-venture out question.I am not liable to answer this to anyone,yet i found myself,answering in a hush tone,"nowhere,apart from classes you know,not even shopping",gee;And explaining further all blow by blow account of dilly-dally tails of 12 and regular things,till i decided that i cant let CBSE take this last opportunity away from me.

Exploring the bylanes of old Delhi worked like a charm.Not only beautiful,it is so old,so unexplored.There is so much in terms of architectural wealth in Delhi,you dont need to brag about going to Sydney,Spain or Bangkok,for that purpose.

Got a few pictures,blurred though; because rickshaw drivers are rash and fast ,they can give Narain Kartheykein a run for money.Dont blame me for not giving you a peek of Paranthe wali Gali.Being engrossed in plate is not a crime.Check out the one where this tea-seller in flouroscent blue resembles Manish Arora,the man behind Fish Fry.No offences to anyone.

Btw a little part of me also explored the much talked C.R. Park,and would leave you with the fish market's experience.Being grossed out is not accepted,as its livelihood for a community and food for other one.

Dont freak out,Travelling is fun.Exploring is theraupatic.Shopping is Bliss.All in all a memorable experience courtesy; Grandpa Saigal,since last two days.My day was gorgeous.

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  1. wow! never saw dilli dat ways..sorry for the late was in shimla!n wow yaar..u getin up early for walks??
    I to dont believe in working philosophy is 'no pain,no pain'!hehehe!;)
    so..wts new wit ya??

  2. Ooh, Chandni Chowk!
    Quite a few of those pics are at Nayi Sarak, aren't they?
    I went with a coupla' friends to Chandni Chowk sometime back too. Illegally, of course. Parents never came to know. :P
    By far the best banta we've ever had. And god, the paranthas! We found this guy who lived in Ballimaran and he showed us around the place. Strange, considering I'd never expect something like that to happen in, say GK or CP. :)

    Oh, wait. I posted about it too.
    [Self publicity. How shallow, lol.]

    You got a Flickr?

  3. Yeah Chandni Chowk,Nai Sadak,Kinari Bazaar,Chawri..whole lot of place..Took a lot of time uploading.The parantha's are sinful.Sneaking out to C.C. must have been great fun!(nonetheless I had already read that post :P

    no flickr :( Facebooking I believe in.



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