Sucking too hard Jolly Ranchers,Our love's gonna let you Down

Sunday, June 22, 2008

This would fuck up the whole episode and add fuel to fire and road to hayWIRE erstworth mention bad poetry too.The saving process has finally begun..I guess my old entry sha'nt get space here,but alas,why would you want to read it,till I am surviving in this catastrophe of time.

June has never quite favoured me.It has not been my month and never did any good.My sister's birthday falling in this month is the biggest hint i can mention,apart from the mad rush of completing Holiday Homework for a wannabe nerd and zilch like me.

Perhaps my luck seems to have running out.Unlike Lilo i didnt Kiss anyone,Thank You.Nonetheless the heat mixed with humidity[incase you believe they are the same then join hands with my mom] is not enough to add the fucking nightmares I'm having everynight.Further adding to my misery my nail has just broken and I cant fix if A SPECIFIC reader has an issue regarding me mentioning nails all the more.

Of all the things I shall discuss lets put economics here.I am not freak to have liked this ever.Many of you would argue that i should have chosen humanities as discipline but Haha ecomonster is there as well.No geography to save my soul.Moreover i suck at it so no point in discussion unless you are a fab eco teacher and can come to my rescue.

Then one fine day the arch shooter and the minions decided to venture out in the new mode of transport for the lavish "40 Days and 40 Night Treat" to a little food haven called Moti Mahal,which claims to have invented the famous Butter Chicken,which one of the minions is not so fond of.Arch shooter placed order for several things including Tandoori chicken and famous BUTTER chicken ,but to his surprise ,when the waiter brought the food,it seemed the chicken little tried a vain attempt of turning size minus zero because the chicken had nothing attached.Not even the puns to have food for thought.Sour.And the rest damage was caused by insanely sweet butter chicken which made me errr ahem the minions swear they would never perhaps come here again. And that my friend was the end of one fine dinner.

Since people Really dont COPY things from me and just are Inspired by it, I would like to throw light on two things.First thing first ,all those fools who write CHIC for a lass/girl/friend/mataji is not the word.The correct spelling is CHICK.Chic has a separate meaning which doesnt always sit with that.I would'nt go deep into it for the sake of morons who read it and label me as a patient suffering from "Multiple Personality Disorder" rather than appreciating the fact that I am not stereotyped Cliched looser,but a magnificent one.! Nonetheless I'm glad,that I'm a looser,a Gorgeous looser ...*HeeHaw*

Second point,Offlate its impossible for me to tolerate SMS Lingo which looks stupid enough to interpret in Sms'es too.For an instance try decoding this one when,you are in a book cafe and you receive this:-

Shez doin al dat drams,moi can d nethin abt t.hrry up,temme a sol....[the closest to what i remember]

so if any of you are sending me a wall/sms/comment/piece of mind/abuse..write the full word.It wont kill you.,meanwhile I am getting rid of the funny twang i have developed of all the things.


Meanwhile R.I.P to my D.U. admission far fetched cliched dream and Kaushik from Unaccustomed Earth.

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  1. ya know..a scan thru the newspaper made me realize that i;m not gona get thru DU either!
    ~sobs really hard~

  2. So you posted at last...:D

    And do you have Holiday Homework in 11th too?????????? boohoo!

  3. @ Amanat-cant help buddy,its same everywhere..
    @ Jan- I am In 12..*evil grins* few months more and i shall be out of the board suck fest..btw you dont get any Hhw in rejoice!


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