Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One week from now,i shall be in school
one week from now, results will rule,

one week from now,i shall fail eco
one week from now,temper will soar,

one week from now,bad hair days begin
one week from now,nostalgia remains,

one week from now, i will miss a lot of people
one week or not,i wont see them,

one week from now,love's gone
one week from now,rain will still be on,

One week from now,deadlines begin
one week from now,happiness suspends,

one week from now,my stress will increase
tell tails of "a","b" and "c"'s

Life is not fun in this 12
wish i could stop having these ruddy nightmares,

This piece is not reaching anywhere
neither rhyming,non-sense as notion claims;

...And then crowd yells," One is not enough"

*sighs and hops to dreamland*

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  1. LOL! that was nice..!
    now i'm all nostalgic..
    buh sumhow dnt wanna go..ive becum so lazy!!


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