Ignored Dog Stroll

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Early up yesterday,i almost thought since my blogging has become a routine;inspite of the fact that a lot of people are ignoring it these days,I will not complain.
Doesnt bother me much now as it used to some time back.Speaking of which,16 years and some months,having ignored and least bothered about my body,A spurr of the moment made me put an alarm for 4:30 am and henceforth my new workout regime.

Perhaps my mum was convinced that like any other fad,this would fade too.Hmm ,i proved it wrong, atleast today.My alarm didnt go up till 5 am and the cell phone didnt work,Have to fix it up.

After changing into shorts and sneakers had to struggle for a while with the keys and stuff with main door.Dad didnt leave an opportunity to pull this one on me either.Was suppose to venture out to this hotspot for brisk walk but I chose my colony.

Mornings are beautiful,trust me.The best time to go around anywhere is probably from 12 am to 7 am.The road was filled with silence,peace and all tranquility possible.
My iPod played trust while i took the road i travel the most.Unfortunately around 10 stray dogs attacked me together.No Captain Planet came to rescue and I didnt want to repeat my "NDTV-Namrata-stray dog-Panorama.For all of you who dont know,me and I.F. were heading back home from their main office in GK-1 at around 10:50pm or so,after having being lost in the confusing office and Raja Sharma leading us out,and lot of other shit from our editing,we were running from the cafeteria,back stairs that is, and suddenly around 3-4 dogs got ferocious when I.F. screamed.Me being the biggest dud on earth at that moment,did the pick-up-the-stone-from-air and aim at dogs.Sigh,they didnt stop,and icing on the cake Namrata Majumdar saw us doing that.She being a pet lover,must be feeding them few biscuits,and she smirked at us and carefully distracted those dogs for us,and left giving us those looks what people normally would reserve for. So that was it,I decided to ignore that but dogs didnt possibly like my yogi tshirt,still continued scaring the hell outta me.The most shameful thing is that we have 2 pet dogs and we are a totally pet crazy family,heck I like my dog ,perhaps latter dont.

Walked all around the colony and went a little too far,brisk I daresay for more than a hour.Was totally exhilirating and exhausting.Not for trying to get into size zero or landing up with a hot-bod for the ruddy much awaited farewell,neither for good metablosim.Did all this for self peace.Somehow,started;want to continue till death.Sleeping is totally bitch,honestly,with the new piercing and cups of black coffee makes it impossible,but for good.Its 8 am according to my lappy now,last night was totally weared out.Slept for barely 4 hours,homework and things are complete finally,a little memorising is left;hopefully will finish up by tomorrow.Wont crib about DU or CBSE shit,cut-offs this year are the biggest source of pessimism in my life.Wont criticize as well,promise;who would when Euro Cup final is tonight?

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  1. hey...who said we guys are ignoring u?????

    btw, i too went jogging with my dad at around 5 am, two weeks ago. its surely exhilarating. whether or not u lose weight, it sure makes u feel light!

    keep joggin (and getting chased by dogs!lol!)



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