Egg and Yolk

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Within the span of last 24 hours,two ironic wit-incidents happened. I could'nt control my fingers to rush through the keypad and share it with my blog baby who just turned one year old.I know my blog baby, Moo is cursing me at the moment because what I'm going to penn down, just might leave a scar of agony and hatred on Moo's memories. No puns included;)

My folks got an invitation to a birthday party of a kid who is turning one today,so if at all i might use my Math ability,its that lad's First Birthday.

Usually when we receive such "Birthday" invitations,more or less I get petrified , like a chicken who knows that she'll be slaughtered in less than 0.344 nano-seconds,because these parties are not only for kids but for their parents to socialize,but the First-Birthday-Scene is like Showoff.There is no one who is of my age or temprament,[There is no one like my Temprament but my Bff,so lets not include that category] ,Hence i end up hanging there,just eating and waiting for Someone to give me the return gift and procastrinate about bad choice of return gifts.The worst part includes hanging out with my sibling,meeting wierd kids, I hate such parties,where you have to TAG along with people.As a matter of fact, i loath all these family functions,dinners unless the food is good which normally makes up for that,but is very ,very rare to happen.

Coming back, so it was most likely if its a kids 1st Grand Birthday Thing so naturally kids will be invited.Apparently in this case,they were not!! Atleast in the one which I'm mentioning. Incidentally the venue happens to be a very famous PUB in the outskirts of Delhi for the final of IPL cricket cup.

Hmm ,Not bad,Most of it, The kid would probably be the most happening Stud like creature ,12-13 years from now boasting in a B.N.O to his friends ,

"Hey,Mah folks are so damn kewl they hosted my first birthday party in a pub,and all of us saw finals of the first I.P.L. crap!," Man,Snap,thats like so F*ckin' over the Top.Wish my ole man would have done sumfink like that for me...",his dumb blonde friend might ass Oooopsss add .

Coming to IPL,i really feel it should stand for Indian Pareshaan League
First its really dumb to see Cricket [ now I'm not starting another feminist cricket hatao andolan],and to add watching several wacky adjectives added to a state like team owned by a super filthy rich git, and multilingual players from teams all over the world competing to win I dunno what? Title of Stupidity.?,perhaps.

Then while having my meal,today..Mum stopped upon this News Channel,i wouldnt name obviously
(Hint-They show Khali guy like all the time of the day..even in the 9'o clock bulletin)..and they had something different to offer than that wrestler of a animal [Hey,that's why mum stopped!].

The bulletin was showing some "Jyotishacharyaa" ,and the other half of the screen was occupied by some random Cricketing moments of Shane Dhoni and Mahinder Warne playing the Game,if that's what you say. And suddenly Madam Skeeter's cousin from hell asks

"To AcharyaJi, aap Bataiye k aaj me match me Dhoni par Kaun Bhari Padh sakta hai?"

," Dekhiye mere Hisaab se to aaj mangal ki saatvey dasha aaj dono Warne aur Dhoni par bhari padd sakti hai,Parantu Dhoni par Zyada Bhari Padegi."

"Ab chalte hai hum apne JyotishacharyaJi ke paas, to GuruJi aap Bataein K aaj Jo toss Jeetega ,usse pehle kya maangna Chaiye? Batting k Fielding?

"ab dekhiye , Mai to isme kya bol sakta hu?? yeh to unpar [captains] par nirbhar karta hai"

*someone's still sane*

Reporter Skeeters again

"Nai Guruji aap apne aadhar par Bataein,k jo Bowling karega voh jeetega ya jo batting karega?"

Suddenly the other religious guy who was not in the studio went on,

"agar aise dekha jae,to Dhoni agar toss jeete to usko bowling karne se stithi theek rahegi aur agar Warne toss jeete to usse batting kaafi faaydemand rahegi".

*Passed Away*

Hell to IPL
Hell to the News Channel who showed this Crap
Hell to the fucking irony

,which decided or atleast pretends to control who should do what so that they can fucking win the game...In my suggestion all these Fanatics should be brought to the field and made to play..Would serve the real purpose of entertainment.!

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  1. lol @ indian pareshan league!

    Nice post ;)

  2. Eggs have yolk.. are you trying to divorce them out of their holy matrimony? :P

    My parents claim that my First(the very first, you see) was a grand one.. and i have no choice but to believe 'em. Sigh!

    IPL: Whew! Punjab lost. I am surprised though.. Nay, not for the fact that they lost.. but Sree didn't cry. Aww!

    PS: Type in word babe. errors.

  3. LOLZ...u shud becum a cricket commentator. hmm...that wud make ipl very interesting. ;)

    'indian pakau league', not bad, eh?

    keep writing gal...really enjoyed this post!!

    cheerio to all cheer leaders (d saving grace of ipl, i believe!).


  4. @-n- : Thnx!! and i stick to same thing i hate cricket!!

    @goldhawk- Temperment...ok ..thnx!! i told ya i need tea..i'm in short supply today. and no cricket either ;)

    @Jan- so no i will probably yap about Calvin Klein and his collection out the only sport i do is climbing stairs up and down in school so you can well imagine

    to cheerleaders as jan said for adding that fun element cum controvery!


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