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Monday, May 12, 2008

I have never ever done this and probably would never think of doing it.Its one thing,which by the sound of it gives me chickenpox always.

A lot of times i lie in the bed and think about stuff with profound randomness.When you want something with so much desperation and you do not get well within the time ,sadness and grave depression takes over.I have always been attached to the materialistic things in the world..

There are some things in life what money can buy,all luxuries,necessities,demands ;all of these can be fulfilled but there are some moments in your lifetime when you just want to stop the world or else not for the world but you want to live that moment forever.No matter how filthy rich or Pauper you are that moment can never be bought.Infact comparing it with the worth of money is utterly foolish.

I tried to forego the some such moments i had treasured.With the time everything changes i knew that.I thought it could never happen and thouroughly believed it.Then when i knew it was the time i did...let it all go.Got over and moved on with my life.Without thinking how much it would hurt me or not.It was harsh.

But then something happened.It Did happen for real.Not exactly what i had always imagined but i did lived my fantasy and to be honest the time i had is beyond words to be expressed.Everything was so Perfect.Just whatever i had wished came true.

It seemed like someone wanted all that to happen.Even if it was at the cost of believing all that crap,on the cost of let going all those precious moments i now have those moments which can never be given away.I just want to re-live the memories attached again and again.I can spend my lifetime doing it if its for that precious time.Each and Every second attached to it ,the surroudings haunt me like a friendly ghost ..keep on reminding me for what happened and surely happend for some good atleast.Away from the regular dose of sarcasm and analysing things i was the luckiest girl in town...and moreover
the Richest Of all for all i have are the sweet memories which had Him.

Ps- Thank you all for enjoying reading this crap.Now if you would excuse me i have to go and see Popeye reruns.Yes the him in the blog is Popeye my first crush.My most cherished crush <3

Pps-This blog is the result of a miserable try of seriousness hence please dont discontinue reading it.These types of thingumajibs do happen specially when you are missing a lot of people or when you know someone who has been friends with you since ninth grade is leaving the country ,FOREVER.

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  1. hey...what have u done to my annie martin? lol
    since wen did u becum so phiolosphical..neway whetevr...js loved usualy..buh i nyd details bout 'the moments' u mention here..

  2. hellos...i read one of ur posts on femina girl (april issue), so jus wanna ta chck it out.uv got an AWESUM blog. nd i lyk ur blog cuz evn ur in skool, lyk me. (im in nith grade)


  3. whose leaving the country???:-O


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