Happy Birthday!!! Muahhhh

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday BLogg-Ieee
May you get Zillion more Magazines to Print you
May you get 100 more comments
Happy Birthday my Blog !!!
Luv YU My Blog!!
Though its the most Sucky Birthday song,but one of the most treasured things in life i Do..

Afterall it got me instance recognition!!!!!!
AAAAHHHHH love you Bloggie!!!!! Muaahhhhh!!!!!!

I'm Glad Aanchal you started blogging..muahhhh!!! and you wrote about me!!!! Awwwww Miss yu !!!!!

Ps- Party time today *POOOOOOOOOOOOO*

Pps- Its raining and i got all wet coming back home from tuitions.Exactly one year ago,same day i was going to tuitions after writing my first blog ,today i came back like always but all drenched in water with Saumya and shouting and running and laughing like morons on road....

*different looks * ahhhhh Bliss!!

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  1. oh..happy birthday!!!!
    dt cols 4 a prty!!
    chal annie tjhpe ek aur treat..ywhw u hv 2 already pending 4 me!!

  2. happy b'day to ur li'l blog, and grumpy ol' grannies like me predict tht the-one-year-old fella will go places in the future!!

    btw, my blog turned an year old yesterday. that is, may 20!! what a coinci!

    i dont no if uv received ur mag by now, but one of ur posts was printed in the 'blog' section of fg-april issue (dun no the pg no, among the last few pages, i think). congrats! nd yes...it does seem to attract many honeybees (lyk me)!

    keep rocking gal....

    (ps.im blogrolling u)


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